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Coronavirus Cases Reported In 172 Countries, Check The List


Coronavirus (COVID-19) has infected 218,910 people worldwide. At the same time, 8,925 people have died. According to the news agency Reuters, so far, 172 countries have confirmed cases of infection with the Coronavirus. Of these, deaths have established in 64 countries. The Coronavirus caused 945 deaths and 20,544 new evidence on Wednesday. One hundred thirty-eight thousand three cases have reported outside China. These are 63 percent of the total cases.

According to the tally of the news agency Reuters, out of 2,18,910 cases worldwide, 1,24,261 people are still being treated. At the same time, 85,724 people have recovered, and 8,925 people have died. Apart from China, more than a thousand cases have reported in 16 countries. These ten countries out of 1 72 have reported the most cases of COVID-19.

Coronavirus Cases In World

China – China has controlled the situation. On Wednesday, 34 new cases confirmed in the country. All patients are foreign nationals. So far, 80,907 cases have reported. At the same time, 70,420 people have recovered. On Wednesday, 819 patients discharged from the hospital. So far, 70,420 patients have released. At the same time, the death toll has increased to 3,245. On Wednesday, China reported eight new deaths.


Italy– outbreak of Coronavirus after China has seen in Italy. So far, 35,713 cases have reported here. Four thousand twenty-five people have recovered. At the same time, 2,978 people have died—a record of 475 people killed in Italy on Wednesday.

Iran is in worst-hit after China and Italy. There are 17,361 cases reported here. Five thousand seven hundred ten people have recovered. One thousand one hundred thirty-five people have died. One hundred forty-seven killed on Wednesday.

Spain – have yielded 14,769 cases so far in Spain. Five thousand seven hundred ten people have recovered. At the same time, 638 people have died. One hundred five people died here due to Coronavirus on Wednesday.


Germany – Germany so far, 12,327 cases. One hundred five people have recovered. At the same time, 28 people have died. Two people died here on Wednesday.

US – have been confirmed so far, 9,269 cases in the United States. At the same time, 108 patients have recovered from Coronavirus, and 116 people have died. There were seven deaths on Wednesday.

France – So far, 9,134 cases have confirmed in France. Six hundred two patients have recovered, and 264 people have died. Of these, 89 died on Wednesday.


South Korea – So far, 8,565 cases have confirmed from Coronavirus in South Korea. One thousand nine hundred forty-seven patients have recovered. At the same time, 91 people have died. On Wednesday, seven people died here.

Switzerland– 3,115 cases have been confirmed in Switzerland so far. Fifteen patients have recovered. At the same time, 33 people have died. On Wednesday, six people died here.

Britain in the UK so far confirmed 2,626 cases. Sixty-five people have recovered, and 104 people have died. Thirty-three people died here on Wednesday.

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