Coronavirus: Passengers Going To China Will Not Get These Things

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On flights to China, passengers will have to travel without things like hot food, blankets, and newspapers. Many airlines have taken this step to protect crew and passengers from coronavirus. Explain that so far 132 people have died due to coronavirus. Taiwan’s China Airlines has asked passengers to bring their own water bottles and is also forbidden to bring reusable luggage, instead of replacing disposable luggage.

Coronavirus: Passengers Going To China

The airline and its arm Mandarin Airlines have stopped serving hot food to passengers since Monday and have started offering paper towels to passengers instead of table cloths and napkins. Apart from this, water and disposable headphones are only on request. A member of China Airlines Group said that only the aircraft safety bag card and a sick bag have been given in the seatback pocket.

All flights returning from Thai Airways China have sprayed with insecticide in passenger cabins. Apart from this, the LCD screens fitted in the flights are also clean well before departure.

The biggest threat in Bangkok

According to a report by the WorldPop team of the University of Southampton. Bangkok is currently one of the most threatened cities. This report prepared on the basis of the number of passengers going to Bangkok from the cities most affected by China. Coronavirus.

Hong Kong in second place

A list of 30 countries and cities with the highest risk of the virus has prepared. According to which Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong are at the top. Hong Kong in second place followed by Taipei (Taiwan), Sydney 12th, New York 16th, London 19th. At the same time, America is in sixth place. Australia placed 10th, the UK placed 17th and India placed 23rd.

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