Coronavirus Spreading Through The Air? Lancet Said

Coronavirus Spreding through Air Lancet Study

The entire world is reeling from the havoc of the Coronavirus. Till now, millions of people have lost their lives due to this disease, and crores of people have been infected. Meanwhile, the medical journal Lancet has made a scare claim about the coronavirus.

Lancet says that this deadly virus is mainly spread by air, and there is strong evidence of this effect. Six experts from countries such as the US, UK and Canada claimed that this is why the virus infection is spreading rapidly despite many precautions and better health facilities.

Coronavirus Spreading Through The Air? Lancet Study

The experts also named José Luis Jimenez, a chemist at the CIRES (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences). Experts have said that they have found strong evidence about the coronavirus spreading into the air, which cannot be denied. The Oxford University team has also reviewed this research and highlighted claims of an outbreak of the virus in the air. This study states that there is no evidence that large droplets spread the coronavirus. It says that it has been proven that the virus spreads rapidly through the air.

In the study, ‘More prevalence in outdoor than indoor’, experts said that WHO. And other organisations need to take it seriously and reduce the spread of the virus. Experts have placed the Skagit Choir Outbreak on their list. A total of 53 people were infected here by just one infected person. The study said that in this case, it has not happened that all the people have gone to the same place or have come in close contact. But still, the corona spread. The study also noted that the prevalence of corona had been seen more outdoor than indoor.

The ‘corona spread mainly by air throughout the world.’ study in Lancet said that 40 per cent of people spread corona from people who do not cough or even sneeze. This is the main reason for the spread of corona worldwide because it spread mainly through the air. Experts say that a defence strategy needs to be made keeping in mind the spread of the virus in the air.