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Coronavirus Update: 1752 New Cases Came Occured WorldWide


 Coronavirus, which began in China, spread to 101 countries on Sunday. It was confirmed in 92 countries so far. The World Health Organization (WHO) on Sunday gave information about its spread to 101 countries. Names of nine countries like Colombia, Holy See, Peru, Sarabia, Togo have included in this list. The death toll has also risen from 3559 to 3661. On Sunday, 89 people died, and 1752 new cases were confirmed. The number of overall infected patients has reached 107802.

Coronavirus Update

Sixty thousand nine hundred twenty-four people are right, the condition of 6041 dangerous have been, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), yet 60924 worldwide infected civil fine. 43217 is still under treatment. In this, 43217 reported being dangerous. Twenty-four thousand seven hundred twenty-four people have infected outside China, and 563 have died. The Health Commission of China said on Sunday that 1660 people discharged from the hospital on Saturday. So far, 57,065 citizens have cured. Hubei province has the highest number of 67707 people infected in China. The city of Wuhan here has been the centre of Coronavirus.

Worldwide Coronavirus Conditions


Asia: 7313 in South Korea, 6566 in Iran

South Korea and Iran are the most affected in Asia. In Iran, the number of infected is 6566, and the number of deaths is 197. Seven thousand three hundred thirteen cases have been reported in South Korea, while the death toll has increased from 44 to 50. Daegu city of South Korea is the most affected. More than 5 thousand cases have confirmed here. Prayer meetings of more than 100 churches have banned here. There have been 1198 cases of infection in Japan, while 13 people have died.

On the other hand, the first case of Coronavirus has reported in Bhutan. The virus has confirmed in an American tourist. The 76-year-old American citizen came to Bhutan from India on March 2. On March 5, he hospitalised after a fever

India: 41 Coronavirus Cases Reported

Seven new cases of Coronavirus appeared in India on Sunday. A total of 41 cases have now confirmed in the country. Here 52 labs have been set up across the country to check for infection, out of which two are in Delhi.


On the other hand, telecom companies are running awareness messages in ringtones on the instructions of the government. The government has made it clear that passengers coming from abroad can screen at nine more airports. So the number of such airports has increased from 21 to 30. On the other hand, biometric attendance has banned in central government offices till March 31.

Malaysia and Thailand Prevent

Malaysia and Thailand have banned Costa Fortuna cruises carrying 2,000 people due to fear of coronaviruses arriving at their ports. It has 64 people from Italy. There is not a single suspect of Coronavirus on this ship. On Friday, the Costa Fortuna cruise was not allowed to stop on Phuket Island, Thailand. On Saturday, the ship tried to dock in Penang State, Malaysia but stopped. Malaysia’s local leader Fei Boon Po said that Malaysia has decided not to allow all ships to enter its ports. Therefore, Costa Fortuna was also not allowed to come here.

China’s Exports Have Suffered

In the last two months due to the fall in China’s exports of Coronavirus. Exports declined by 17.2%. These are the most significant drop since the Trade War from the US during February 2019. China’s imports also decreased by 4%.


447 Infected In America, 19 Killed

In the US, 19 people have died due to Coronavirus. Four hundred forty-seven people are infected. After this, the Trump government is now considering calling the army to stop the virus from spreading. Most of those who died were passengers returning from Japan’s Diamond Princess Ship. Those brought to America are currently quarantined (isolated). Medical kits are being transported by helicopter on the Princess Ship off the coast of California.

Lockdown in Italy Locks On Cinema Museum

There has been lockdown in Italy due to the rapid spread of coronaviruses. There is silence on the roads. The government has asked all theatres, museums and theatres to close till further orders. Coronavirus has killed 233 people here. The number of active people has also risen to 6566.

Coronavirus Deaths and Victims

CountryInfectionThe death
D. Korea731350
Switzerland2681 Coronavirus
Hong Kong1102


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