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Coronavirus Will Soon Get Rid, America Is Preparing Vaccine

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in many countries of the world. Starting from China, the coronavirus has spread to more than 10 countries in the world. So far 132 people have died in China from Corona. At the same time, suspected patients of Corona have been hospitalized in many states of India. In such a situation, the US has announced that it is preparing a vaccine to fight Corona.

Starting from China, the coronavirus has spread worldwide. In the US, 5 victims of coronavirus have also confirmed. After this, America is fully ready to fight Corona. The US announced on Tuesday that it is preparing a vaccine to fight against Corona. He has urged China to come forward and help the World Health Organization.

America Is Preparing Coronavirus Vaccine

According to the news agency PTI, the US government has decided that their own team will go for a chance inspection and submit the data. US National Institute for Health (NIH) official Anthony Fauci said, “We have involved in the vaccination work at the National Institute for Health. We will start the first trial in about three months. After that, it will take three more to collect the data. Then we will reach its second phase.

“We asked China three times to help it, but success did not go hand in hand,” said Elks Azar, US Health and Human Service Secretary. Again, I urge him to come forward and help in fighting Corona. We have sent a medical team to Corona-affected China on 6 January.

132 Killed By Coronavirus in China.

The coronavirus started in China. According to the news agency PTI, 132 people have died in China so far, while a total of 5,974 corona cases have been confirmed. Apart from this, the infection was confirmed in about 6000 people. This information has given by the National Health Commission of China. According to the commission, 461 people are in critical condition. Measures are being taken to prevent this at war level in China. People have banned from exiting in many major cities.

Coronavirus Havoc In America As Well

At the same time, the coronavirus has also reached America. The US Health Agency has confirmed the virus to found in five patients in the country. Let me tell you that the first case came to light in the US on Wednesday. The infected person came to America from Wuhan, China. A senior US health official said that about 100 people from 26 states have investigated. He told that out of the five cases that have come out, all of them have come to America from Wuhan in China.

Which Countries Of The World Affected

Apart from this, 17 confirmed cases of coronavirus have reported in Hong Kong, while 7 suspects have been found in Thailand. 5 people have found in Macau, 4 in Taiwan affected by the coronavirus. Four cases have reported in Australia and Singapore, three each in Korea Republic, Japan, France, and Malaysia. Also, two cases have reported in Vietnam and 1 case of coronavirus in Nepal.

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