Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Started in Britain, Applied To First Patient

Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Britain

Coronavirus vaccine trial: Scientists from around the world are trying day and night to find a cure for the coronavirus. Now its vaccine test has started in Britain. Vaccines are given to select patients on Thursday. It is said to be the world’s largest drug trial. The vaccine trial, which began at an unprecedented speed of humans, is eyeing the world as a whole.

Scientists have expressed an 80 percent chance of success in the test. Around 5000 patients will be vaccinated in 165 hospitals in the UK for one month and similarly in hundreds of people in Europe and America. This is the largest trial in the world, says Professor Peter Horby, Oxford University’s Department of Infectious Diseases.

Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

Professor Horby has previously led a trial of Ebola medicine. UK Health Minister Matt Hancock said that two vaccines are at the forefront. One produced at Oxford and the other at Imperial College. According to Hancock, it usually takes years to reach here, and I am proud of the work that has done so far.

First, Youth Are Vaccinated

Professor Horby says that we anticipate that some results may come at some time in June. If it is clear that there is a benefit from the vaccine, the answer can found quickly. The Oxford vaccine tested on youth for the first time. If this is successful, then this Coronavirus vaccine will be tested on people of other age groups.

Australia Managed To Stop Corona

Meanwhile, Australia’s PM Scott Morrison has given good news. He says Australia is making good progress in the prevention of the corona epidemic. The government is considering removing the restrictions in the next three to four weeks. So far, 6,661 people have infected with a Coronavirus in Australia. Seventy-five victims have died.

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