List Of Countries Infected With Coronavirus In The World

Countries Infected With Coronavirus

Corona (COVID-19) in China is not taking the name of havoc. So far, 3,251,587 people have been infected in China by Corona, while the death toll has reached around 89,975. Coronavirus Infection, which started from Wuhan, China, has spread to many countries of the world.

3,251,587 people worldwide are infected with Corona. Now the death toll outside China is increasing rapidly. 6,028 people have died from Corona in Iran. While in South Korea and Italy, the infection is multiplying.

The situation in China is becoming uncontrollable with Coronavirus. On Monday, 4,633 people died of Corona in China. In this way, the death toll from Corona reached 229,832, while the number of confirmed cases has reached 3,251,587.

News agency PTI quoted China’s National Health Commission (NHC) as saying that 81,865 people had confirmed. The infection in a total of 31 provinces of China on Monday. Meanwhile, members of the World Health Organization team visited various hospitals in China.

South Korea Most Affected After China, 204 Killed

The Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in South Korea. In the last four days, the number of people infected with the Coronavirus has seen an 8-fold increase, while 247 people have died. On Saturday, 21 people found they infected with Corona. Thus the number of people affected by Corona there has increased to 10,765. There has been a rapid increase in corona infection. So far, more than 9,000 people have screened in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

4,110 Killed By Coronavirus In Iran

So far, 6,028 deaths have reported from Corona in Iran. The problem for Iran is that so far only 94,640 people have found corona virus-positive. Despite such a small number of victims, 6,028 people have died. People were suffering from this disease treated in four cities of Iran. It also includes the capital Tehran.

Apart from this, patients also treated in KOM, extracts, and Rasht. The demand for masks and hand sanitizers has increased in the capital Tehran as soon as the news of the Coronavirus died. Due to the situation, there has been a shortage of masks and hand sanitizers in many shops. Schools in 14 provinces have closed as a precaution.

List Of Countries Infected With Coronavirus

How Many People Are Infected / Death-

Country, Cases

  1. United States, 1,068,248
  2. Spain, 239,639
  3. Italy, 203,591
  4. France, 166,420
  5. United Kingdom, 165,221
  6. Germany, 162,123
  7. Turkey, 117,589
  8. Russia, 106,498
  9. Iran, 94,640
  10. China, 82,862
  11. Brazil, 80,246
  12. Canada, 51,597
  13. Belgium, 48,519
  14. Netherlands, 39,316
  15. Peru, 33,931
  16. India, 33,610
  17. Switzerland, 29,586
  18. Portugal, 25,045
  19. Ecuador, 24,675
  20. Saudi Arabia, 22,753
  21. Sweden, 21,092
  22. Ireland, 20,253
  23. Mexico, 17,799
  24. Singapore, 16,169
  25. Pakistan, 16,117
  26. Chile, 16,023
  27. Israel, 15,870
  28. Austria, 15,452
  29. Japan, (+Diamond Princess) 14,677
  30. Belarus, 14,027
  31. Qatar, 13,409

The Number Of Confirmed Cases Has Reached 3,251,587. The Coronavirus Continues To Spread in South Korea. The Death Troll From Corona Reached 229,832 People In 212 Country.

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Spot News 18 Is An Online News Website. At Spot News 18 You Find All The Latest News Updates Happening Around The World. Get Breaking News Online.