US President Donald Trump Tweeted After Iran Fired Missiles

President Donald Trump’s statement comes after Iran fire missiles at two airbases being uses by the US military in Iraq. President Donald Trump tweeted that everything is fine. He wrote in the tweet, ‘All is well. Missiles are fired at Iran at two airbases in Iraq. Loss of life and property is being assessed. So far, so good! We have the most powerful and strongest army from anywhere in the world. I will give a statement on this tomorrow morning.

President Donald Trump

After the assassination of top military general Qasim Sulemani, Iran has fired about a dozen missiles on two airbases used by the US military in Iraq. A video of these missile attacks has shot by local people from their mobile phones. In the video, the streak of light appears on the sky in the dark of night and then collides with the ground in the shape of a fireball. There is a loud bang sound when the missiles hit the ground. People start shouting and shouting and start running from there. President Donald Trump.

Let me tell you, Iran has fired this missile on the US military camp al-Assad and Irbil in Iraq. However, no casualty report in these attacks so far. At the same time, the US Defense Ministry Pentagon has also confirmed that the missile has been fired by Iran on its two military camps in Iraq.

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