Trump Claims- America Will Reopen Soon, Life Will Be Back On Track

US President Donald Trump held a press conference in Delhi

US President Donald Trump has said that he is going to come up with a new plan to reopen America completely. Due to the Coronavirus, 95 percent of the country’s population currently imprisoned in homes. About 330 million people have kept themselves imprisoned in homes to prevent infection. Instructions have issued to keep a distance from each other, which has been in force for about a month. It will run till the next 30 April.

Donald Trump Said These

In a White House press conference, President Trump said that he has spoken to his team and top experts about this. As a result of the negotiations, we are going to come up with a plan to restart America very soon. The Trump administration will quickly issue directions to the governors of the states for how to open different states of America. Trump said that the administration’s instructions would be such that the enthusiasm of the American people can return and people can catch the pace of a healthy life.

Donald Trump said we want to see our country open. We want to see ordinary life back on track. The country is going to open and is going, beginning with great success. Very soon, we are going to tell you what our plans are. President Trump may announce another task force on Tuesday, which will include big people from every field. This task force will tell the President how to open the country. Let me tell you. The Coronavirus has had a significant impact on America. New York is the focal point of Corona in America, where the pace of life has almost halted. The tourism and travel industry is on the verge of closure. Many lakh people have lost their employment.

To accelerate the economy, President Donald Trump has announced a package of $ 2.2 trillion, but even such a huge amount is not seeing much impact. Trump had said a few days ago that America not made for the state we are living in. He also said that we want to see the country open, we want to see ordinary life in the country.

In the US, 1509 people died in the last 24 hours, while 1514 people killed on the previous day. In this regard, Trump also said that the number of deaths had remained the same for the last one week. These prove that America is slowly achieving success in the fight against Corona. So far, 23,529 people have died in America. Coronavirus in America. The total number of infection cases has increased to 5 lakh 50 thousand. Johns Hopkins University’s Center for System Science and Engineering (CSSE) gave this information. “As of 5.30 pm local time (2130 GMT) in the US, the total number of people infected with Kovid-19 has increased to 5,50,016, compared to 21,733 people,” Xinhua quoted the latest data released by CSSE. Death has occurred due to the epidemic. ” However, now, the death toll has reached 23,529.