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Donald Trump Backward in Presidential Election Poll


There are doubts about the second term of President Donald Trump in America. Trump’s dream of becoming president for the second time could break during the presidential elections due in November. The reason for this is that in three great surveys, he has shown to be trailing the rival candidate Joe Biden in the race.

It states that Trump’s chances of victory have never looked better in the last four months. His ratings had reached a 3-year high after being acquitted of the impeachment trial, but his way of dealing with the Corona crisis and George Floyd’s case brought Mr. Trump’s political stock to the ground.

Biden Overtakes Donald Trump To Gain Sympathy

More than 1 million deaths from Corona, the loss of 30 million jobs, and his attitude during the demonstrations over racism have given an edge to anti-candidate and Barack Obama’s favorite vice-president, Joe Biden. Even Biden has overtaken Trump in terms of gaining sympathy. This has made a big difference between the two.


Biden’s rise can be gauged from the fact that he was marginally ahead of Trump in February in terms of presidential choice. Then this difference was 5%, after that 12% and by June, Biden has increased to 14%.

Both Candidates Have A Lot Of Time For Preparation

At the national level, Biden has taken a direct lead in 25 of the 50 states in the United States when elections currently held, while Trump appears to have a clear victory in just 13 countries. The case of both candidates is 50-50 in 8 states, while four states currently have uncertainty. Elections for the presidency are to be held in November, so both candidates have plenty of time to prepare.

A possible pattern of votes from this model understands how the election equation can change.


The Economist has tried to understand the change in voters’ thinking, vote share, and attitude of voters given survey, political situation, economic facts, and other events across the country. It is an attempt to understand from these facts related to 50 states of America, how the voters of which state can behave. Accordingly, it is more likely to go with like-minded people. Like if Trump wins in Minnesota, his chances of winning in Wisconsin will also increase.

Washington Post survey

Most women side with Biden, while college students favor Trump.

Trump also saw trailing in the Washington Post-NBC survey. In this, Biden got 50%, while Trump got 42%. Women are more in favor of Biden, while Trump has more support for college-going youth. Shockingly, 80% of Americans believe that the situation has spiraled out of control in terms of Corona and racism. The other big thing is that even in states where Trump was ahead, Biden has taken the lead. In such states, Biden is getting 50% of the vote, while Trump is getting just 42% of the vote.


Donald Trump Asked To Withdraw The Survey

The CNN poll also shows Trump trailing Biden. Biden is leading by around 14% of the votes in the 2020 election. He is supported by 55% of the voters, while Trump backed by just 41%. In the survey, Trump has suffered dramatically from protests against the Coronavirus and the raging racism after the death of black George Floyd at the hands of the police. Donald Trump has asked CNN to withdraw the survey, calling it wrong, but CNN has made it clear that it will not remove.

Where Trump Won Easily in 2016, This Time The Challenge

There will be more challenges for Trump in states where he won easily in 2016. They also include Georgia, Texas, Ohio, and Iowa. But this time, Biden is ahead here. Biden continues to lead actively in Trump-dominated Florida and Arizona. Georgia considered to be the biggest battleground of electoral warfare this time as more than 32% of its voters are blacks of American-African descent.

Among them, Hispanics are 31.2%, including blacks. Biden has managed to garner his sympathy during anti-racist demonstrations. Three days ago, in Georgia, in the primary election, there was a case of malfunctioning, disappearing, and tampering of the voting machine.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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