Donald Trump Trolled For Congratulated Good Friday Instead Of Easter

US President Donald Trump often makes headlines because of his tweet. Once again, he has tweeted something about which he trolled on social media. Trump accidentally tweeted ‘Good Friday’ instead of ‘Easter,’ due to which he hit the target of people on social media.

Trump wrote in a Twitter message on Friday, “Good Friday to all.” People criticized him for this. According to Christianity, Good Friday celebrated on the day Jesus crucified. Thus, it is a day of sorrow for the Christian community all over the world. At the same time, Easter celebrated on Sunday, is celebrated in the joy of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Donald Trump Trolled

In such a situation, people criticized Donald Trump for not having basic knowledge. A follower of Trump wrote, “It is another fact that you know nothing about Christianity.” Another user on Twitter wrote that this is an important day for Christians. It did not call a happy Friday. The President does not know what happened on the day of Good Friday.

It is to note that compared to all the countries of the world, America is facing the worst outbreak of Coronavirus at this time. More than two thousand people have died here in the last 24 hours. The number of infected patients in the US is the highest in any country.

Donald Trump Congratulated Good Friday Instead, Of Easter, People On Twitter Strongly Criticized Him. Good Friday Celebrated On The Day Jesus Crucified.

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