Within 15 Minutes Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Test Come Negative

The Coronavirus, which has caused havoc in the whole world after coming out of China, has taken America badly. Due to this epidemic, more than 2 lakh people are sick in America, and more than 5 thousand have lost their lives. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump’s corona test took place, in which he has been found negative for the second time.

The statement issued by the White House said, “Once again the President had his coronavirus test, he is completely healthy, and he has no symptoms of Coronavirus.”

Donald Trump Coronavirus Test

Let me tell you that Donald Trump had come in contact with a person who found it to coronavirus-positive. After this, questions raised about his test in America, at first Donald Trump said that he does not need it because he is fully fit.

However, after this, he tested in the White House. And both times he was found to be negative, which is a relief for America.

According to CNN, US President Donald Trump claimed in the press conference that the Coronavirus result of this test. Which took place this time, came in 15 minutes, we have created a technique that is producing results immediately.

Trump said that he went to work soon after the test, and he did not have any problem.

Let us tell you that according to the data of John Hopkins University. More than 2 lakh 40 thousand people have found positive by Coronavirus in America till Friday morning. In comparison, about 6 thousand people have lost their lives. Donald Trump has launched a campaign of no regular work for the next month so that people stay at home.

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