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Donald Trump Signed Economic Stimulus Package Of 2 Trillion Dollar

As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the US, President Donald Trump has signed an economic stimulus package of nearly $ 2,000 billion to protect the country from it. These are the first time in the history of America. Let us know that the number of victims in America has reached 103,942, out of which 3.3 million people are officially unemployed.

Donald Trump 2 Trillion Dollar Package

In the US, the death toll from the virus has reached 1,693. Signed by President Donald Trump, this amount is 10 percent of the US GDP. Trump signed the bill at the Oval Office of the White House and assured the countrymen that help would come. He said that an invisible enemy had attacked us, and it has deeply hurt us. He further said that I think we are going to do better.

The amount of this stimulus bill will enable every American family of four members to get around $ 3400. In contrast, small and medium scale industries will get financial assistance of millions of dollars. Large institutions such as Boeing will also be supported. Donald Trump.

18,000 New Cases Surfaced In 24 Hours

In the US, the number of infected people continues to grow. According to a tracker made by Johns Hopkins University here, the number of affected people has reached above 1 lakh. There are 18,000 new cases reports in 24 hours. From this, it can estimate how fast the coronavirus outbreak is happening here.

The Number Of Victims In The US Has Reached 103942 Of Which 3.3 Million Are Officially Unemployed. Donald Trump Signed Economic Stimulus Package Of 2 Trillion Dollar.
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