Trump – China Does Not Want Me To Become President Again

US President Donald Trump held a press conference in Delhi

Amidst the worldwide corona crisis, the struggle between America and China continues. US President Donald Trump on Thursday alleged that China does not want to see him elected in the elections to held later this year. The main reason for this is that they took billions of dollars from China as import duty.

Donald Trump claimed that China wants former Vice President Joe Biden to elected as the next US President in elections held in November. Let me tell you that Donald is going to be re-nominated by the Republican Party, while on the part of Democrats, the path of Biden is being considered precise.

Donald Trump Said These

Referring to the heavy import duty on products imported from China, Donald Trump said, “China does not want to see me selected, and the reason is that we are getting billions of dollars from China every month.”

Donald Trump said, “China did not give anything to our country, even if it was Biden in charge of China.” It’s a joke. He kept the country isolated for eight years. He blamed Biden and former US President Barack Obama for this.

Donald Trump said, “I mean, you can see the old governments until I came to power. A trade deal happened, and they think they will buy, and they are buying a lot of things. But now this virus Because of that it has become secondary. The condition of the virus is not acceptable. ”

In response to a question, the US President said, “I don’t want to have any aspirations; I will just tell you that China would like to see Joe Biden, the high-heeled. He would like to run this country according to himself.”

Trump Charges Rejected

However, the opposition Democratic Party in the US has dismissed Donald Trump’s allegations regarding China policy. In a statement issued by the Democratic National Committee deputy war room director Daniel Wessel, “Donald always prioritized his political intentions and ignored public health.” He delayed taking action on China for fear of a trade deal on the Coronavirus issue. Now America is suffering its brunt.

Daniel Wessel said that Donald Trump has proved to be weak on the issue of China. President ignored it in such a way that it proved disastrous for our country. He did nothing for months because he preferred his political advantage.

Wessel said, “Trump refused to take action on China. Delayed action to alleviate the crisis in an effort not to upset Beijing and secure its trade deal.”

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