Coronavirus Will Start To Disappear, Claimed By Chinese Top Scientist

Amidst the lockdown imposed due to Coronavirus for the last several days. The only question in everyone’s mind is that will this all end? All the leaders and scientists of the world themselves are sitting with the same problem that when will this havoc happen. Meanwhile, good news has come. China’s most eminent scientist has claimed that the Coronavirus will begin to end within the next four weeks, i.e. a month.

In Just 4 Weeks, The Coronavirus Will Start To End

China’s most prominent scientist Dr Jong Nanshan (Zhong Nanshan) said that by the end of April, the Coronavirus would start to wreak havoc. Dr Nanshan claims that China will not infect by this virus again. In an interview given on a TV channel in China. He said that the lockdown adopted by many countries of the world to prevent it is a beneficial step in preventing this virus. By the end of April, this virus will start to end.

It Is Less Likely To Re-Infected

When asked if Coronavirus has found among those who have recovered in Wuhan city of China, they said that it is scarce. Dr Nanshan says that one of the reasons for re-infection after a person cure is the presence of antibodies in the body.

It is noteworthy that so far around 9.42 lakh people have infected with the Coronavirus. In the whole world, including America, Italy and all of Europe. The epidemic has caused the most havoc in America and Italy. So far, 2.16 lakh people have become victims of this infection in America. So far, 1.10 lakh people in Italy have found to have the virus.

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