Earthquake In Turkey Iran Border Region Confirm By EMSC 7 People Kill

Earthquake In Turkey Iran Today

Earthquake In Turkey Iran border on Sunday. The Richter scale earthquake was 5.7. This informed by the European Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC). According to the news agency IANS, 7 people have died in this earthquake. Rescue work is currently going on.

Earthquake In Turkey Iran

Usually, news of earthquakes comes from all over the world. A few days ago earthquake tremors felt in Papua New Guinea. The Richter scale earthquake was 6.2.

Why Earthquake Comes

An earthquake occurs as a result of energy generated by sudden movement in the outer layer of the Earth. This energy produces seismic waves on the surface of the Earth, which manifested by shaking or displacing the land. This is what causes earthquakes.

Cause Of Earthquake

Earthquakes caused by natural phenomena or anthropogenic causes. Often earthquakes also caused by geological faults. Tremors are felt due to heavy gas migration, mainly methane deep inside the Earth, volcanoes, earthquakes caused by landslides. To avoid this, awareness campaigns also conduct by the government from time to time. So that people can be saved from the earthquake. Earthquake In Turkey Iran.

What Is Richter Scale

Actually, the Richter scale used to measure the intensity of an earthquake. This is called the Richter scale. Earthquake waves or intensity are based on the Richter scale from 1 to 9. If the earthquake exceeds 8 on the Richter scale, heavy catastrophe is likely.

How To Avoid Earthquake

  1. Build a seismic building in a safe place.
  2. Take training in disaster management from time to time and rehearse.
  3. Make a disaster kit in which radio, essential paper, mobile, torch, matches, candles,
  4. Slippers, some money, and necessary medicines are kept.
  5. Hold the furniture tightly to maintain balance.
  6. Do not use the lift at all.
  7. Stay away from trees and power lines in open spaces.

Earthquake In Turkey Iran Today

Earthquake Tremors Felt On The Turkish-Iran Border On Sunday. According To The News Agency IANS, 7 People Have Died In The Earthquake In Turkey Iran.