French National Railway Appeal To Employees To Calm During Christmas

French National Railway

Paris, the head of the French National Railway Company, Jane P. Farandou, has appealed to protesting workers not to perform during the Christmas holidays. To demand pension reforms so that the countrymen can happily spend time with family members.
Figaro newspaper quoted Mr. Farandou as saying, “Holidays are very important to spend time with family. Next Wednesday people will want to go to celebrate the Crimesmus with their parents, children, and friends.

The Head Of The French National Railway Company, Jean-Pierre Farandou, Appealed To Transportation Industry Workers To End The Strike During The Christmas Holidays.

French National Railway

Like every year, this time also millions of people will go by train. That is why I appeal to the railways. And trade organizations that you all should keep in mind that. There is no disturbance in the holidays of the countrymen. Do not hold any kind of protest during this time. ”It is noteworthy that life has affected by a nationwide strike against pension reforms in France.

The functioning of schools, colleges, and offices has affected and the transport service has collapsed. There have clashes between police and protesters in several places. And so far more than 80 people are reported to be detained in the capital Paris. In France, people are very angry with the proposed reforms in the pension scheme. The new proposals plan to increase the age of retirement from jobs. And also pay less for those who retire prematurely. French National Railway.

Police, lawyers, a staff of hospitals, airport employees. And other working people have also joined the strike along with teachers and transport workers. President Emanuel Macron wants to introduce a ‘universal point-based pension system’ in his country. There are currently 42 separate pension schemes for private. And public sector employees in France, with varying retirement ages and benefits.