Sundar Pichai To Receive 1720 Crore Package As A Google CEO

The CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet has been given the largest package ever. Sundar Pichai will get a package of Rs 1720 crore. This includes shares worth Rs 1706 crore ($ 240 million) and an annual salary of Rs 14.22 crore. Pichai’s new salary package will come into effect from January 2020. His salary has increased by nearly 200 percent.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Pichai will get this amount in the next three years when he fulfills all his goals. If Alphabet performs well in the S&P 100 index, Sundar Pichai will get Rs 639 crore ($ 90 million). Pichai selects for the job last month when Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin stepped down. On December 4, he announces as the CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet.

In 2016, 1422 crore Sundar Pichai was getting. Pichai refused to take one such package in 2018. Pichai has long worked as an employee at Google. Has served as the leader of Google’s popular browser Chrome and Google Android team. Pichai has also worked on some of Google’s more popular products, Gmail, and the Android operating system. He became the CEO of Google in 2015.

Masque Tops

Tesla CEO Elon Musk holds the record for the most payrolls. He received a package of Rs 3591 crore in the year 2018. It was listed on Forbes’ list as the 53rd richest person in the world.

Born In Madurai

Sundar Pichai was born on 12 July 1972 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. After completing his B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur and MS from Stanford University, he holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

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