Hantavirus Outbreak: How Does It Spread And How To Save

In the early 1950s, about 3 thousand American soldiers died of a mysterious disease in Korea. 10 to 15 per cent of the soldiers killed. At the same time, it discovered that hantavirus is a contagious stop, i.e. it spreads to each other. Nearly two decades later, it found that rats spread hantavirus. Just now there has been a stir in China after death from hantavirus.

In 1993, a case of hantavirus infection reported in the US. Rats spread the disease. The rat had spilt food or something else. Patients came into contact with hantavirus infection. By the way, cases of hantavirus infection are sporadic and not so dangerous. There were also flu-like symptoms and breathing problems. Let’s know what this virus is, how it spreads, and how to avoid it.

What is Hantavirus Disease?

The hantavirus disease spread by hantaviruses which found in rodents, i.e. squirrels, rats etc. That is, the hantavirus disease spreads from rat to human. It causes respiratory problems in the person.

Who Can Get Infected By This?

The disease did not spread directly by rats or squirrels, but something came into contact with it. And the person gets infected if he inadvertently touches it or comes in contact with it. Many times, the rats spill things, and someone comes in contact with them, or the rat comes in contact with faeces and urine, or the infected rat or squirrel is sitting on something, and the person touches it or somehow When he comes in contact, the disease spreads to humans also. If a rat or squirrel dies due to contagion and is picked up and thrown with bare hands, the infection can spread.

How To Avoid?

Caution proves to be a better solution in every situation. If you touch a rat or a squirrel, or anything that falls on the ground or comes in contact with it, then you should wash your hands thoroughly. If you do not do this and touch the mouth or nose with your hands, the disease can spread to you. Keep cleaning the house from time to time and make sure that the rats did not allow staying in the house.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hantavirus Disease?

Symptoms begin to appear within 9 to 33 days after the virus enters the body. The initial symptoms are fever, fatigue, and muscle pain. Apart from this, there may be complaints of headache, dizziness, vomiting and diarrhoea. When the problem is severe, the main symptom of hantavirus infection is difficulty in breathing. Due to virus infection, the lung becomes fluid which causes difficulty in breathing. Often people die due to suffocation.

How does the disease caught?

Hantavirus infection is challenging to detect initially. If you have come in contact with a rat or squirrel in any way and then have fever, fatigue and difficulty in breathing, then a doctor should be seen and examined.


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