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Happy Global Parents Day 2021: Know, Date, History and Importance

Global Parents Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of June. The United Nations General Assembly announced the day in 2012. The purpose behind Global Day was to pay respect to parents around the world. This day provides a beautiful opportunity for children and parents to celebrate their unique bond.

When was the Global Day of Parents celebrated for the first time?

From the 80s, the United Nations started ‘focusing on issues related to the family. On June 17, 2012, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution and declared June 1 as Global Day. “The General Assembly invites member states to celebrate the Global Parents Day in full partnership with civil society, especially children and youth,” the resolution said.

Importance of Global Day of Parents amid COVID-19

The special day recognises parents as necessary to their children. Global Parents Day recognises the importance of the primary responsibility of parents in nurturing and protecting children along with the family. Parents are no less than God for children. The special day is a special occasion to appreciate their sacrifice, sacrifice and penance. The way he took care of his children while facing psychological and financial challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the time to come will never forget him.

Interesting quotes to express love towards your parents

There is no friendship, no love like a mother for a child. Henry Ward Beecher

Love is the chain that binds a child to his parents. Abraham Lincoln

We will never understand a mother’s love until we become parents ourselves. Henry Ward Beecher

Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, action and deed affects. No other person or external force has more effect on the child than the mother. bob Kishan

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