Huge Cargo Ship Re-Floated After Six Days in Suez Canal

Huge Cargo Ship Re-Floated in Suez Canal

The vast cargo ship stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal for the last six days has finally started today. This cargo ship is considered to be one of the largest cargo container ships in the world. The vessel named ‘EVER GIVEN’ runs between Asia and Europe.

Huge Cargo Ship Re-Floated

This container ship was resumed today. Inch Cape Shipping Services has given this information. The Suez Canal Authority had earlier informed that the giant container ship had been partially evacuated.

Significantly, the impact of this enormous ship getting stuck was also affecting the Indian trade. The government had prepared an action plan to deal with this crisis. Indian cargo ships engaged in import-export from other countries were advised to leave the Cape of Good Hope to avoid the Suez Canal jamming.

A traffic jam situation was created due to the ship getting stuck

Due to the dust storm, this cargo ship was stuck in the Suez Canal. This 1300 feet long cargo ship got stuck, causing a traffic jam in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Around 150 boats were stranded in this traffic jam, including about ten crude tankers loaded with 13 million crude oil barrels. Due to this, the delivery of petroleum products in many countries was delayed. Crude oil prices had skyrocketed since the cargo got stuck.

There was a loss of 400 million dollars per hour.

Explain that for the last five days, an attempt was being made to remove this giant ship. Many container ships had to travel by another route due to the implication of this ship. Every day, 50 boats move in the Suez Canal. Twelve per cent of the world’s trade passes through the Suez Canal. Every hour the ship was stuck, causing a loss of business of about $ 400 million.