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Did America Write A Threatening Letter To Imran Khan? Secret Letter Truth


Imran Khan’s Secret Letter: A ‘Secret Letter’ is being discussed in the ongoing political crisis in Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan showed this letter at a rally in Islamabad on March 27. Showing this letter, Imran Khan had alleged that a ‘foreign conspiracy’ had been hatched to topple his government.

In that rally, Imran took out a letter from his pocket and, waving it from the stage, said, ‘Foreign funding is being used to change the government. Money is coming from outside, and people inside are using it. Many of them do not even know that they are being used, then some people are deliberately using this money against us.

When Imran Khan started getting trapped by accusing ‘foreign forces’ through this ‘secret letter’, he talked about showing it to his close ones. Imran showed this letter to his close journalists on Wednesday. Pakistan’s local media says Imran has told journalists that the Pakistani diplomat wrote this letter to a foreign official.


What is written in this letter?

Prime Minister Imran Khan showed this letter to the journalists. ARY News of Pakistan said that Imran Khan told some things written in this letter to the journalists. However, he did not say from where he got this letter.

It is written in this letter, ‘If the no-confidence motion against Imran Khan fails, then the problems of Pakistan will increase. We are not happy. When the no-confidence motion is passed, all will be well.

In this letter, Imran Khan also told reporters that concerns were also raised about his recent visit to Russia. Imran said that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi would present this letter in front of Parliament.


Who wrote this letter?

The letter which Imran Khan told as a ‘conspiracy’, that letter is a diplomatic cable. In this, Asad Majid Khan, former ambassador of Pakistan to the US, referred to a conversation with an American official.

In this letter, citing an alleged US official, it was said that the relationship between America and Pakistan could not be fixed as long as the current Nizam, i.e. Imran Khan, is in power.

A significant reason for questioning this letter is that this opinion was alleged by an American officer, whom Imran told the view of the whole of America. Whereas no one knows in what context that alleged US official said this.


According to the Pakistani newspaper Dawn report, the American officer named by Asad Majid in this cable is Donald Lu.

Will Imran Khan be able to save the chair with the help of a letter?

With the help of this secret letter, Imran Khan is now trying to save his chair. Imran’s government minister Farooq Habib told local media that the conspiracy to topple the government would fail. ,

Farooq Habib said that we do not accept the slavery of any country and will not compromise on our independent foreign policy. He noted that Pakistan’s strings of a no-confidence motion are often connected with foreign countries. He claimed that the letter was delivered on March 7, and a no-confidence motion was moved the next day.


At the same time, another minister in the Imran government, Asad Umar, told the local media that a message was given to Pakistan by foreign forces that everything would be forgiven if the Imran government was ousted. He claimed that western countries were “angry” with Imran’s visit to Russia.

What does America have to say?

The US has rejected all these claims. Pakistan’s Geo News reported that the US State Department has made it clear that it has no hand in the no-confidence motion. On the no-confidence action brought against Imran, the US said that it respects the constitutional process of Pakistan.

What do experts believe?

Abdul Basit, who was Pakistan’s ambassador to India, told Geo News that this was the first time he had heard that any country was threatening a diplomat in this way. He said, ‘Never heard this before that any government is telling a diplomat that if the government of their country is not removed, they will break the relationship.’


Abdul Basit also said that matters related to foreign policy should not be discussed among ordinary people. He said that the letter shown by Prime Minister Imran Khan could be a conversation between a US official and a Pakistani diplomat.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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