Indian Girl Geeta Gets Her Real Mother In Maharashtra In India

Indian Girl Geeta Meets Mother

Geeta: A social welfare organisation in Pakistan had given shelter to the Deaf Indian girl and sent her back to India in 2015. She was finally reunited with her birth mother in Maharashtra. She accidentally went to Pakistan.

Geeta gets her birth mother in Maharashtra.

Pakistan’sDawn’ newspaper reported that Bilkis Edhi, wife of the late Abdul Sattar Edhi, former head of the world-famous Edhi Welfare Trust, said that an Indian deaf girl named Geeta had been reunited with her birth mother in Maharashtra.

Bilkis said, “She was in contact with me, and this weekend she gave me good news to meet her real mother.” He confirmed to the agency here, “Her (girl’s) real name is Radha Waghmare, and she found her real mother in Naigaon, Maharashtra state.”

It took four and a half years to find parents.

According to Bilkis, she met Geeta from a railway station and must have been 11-12. They kept it in their centre of Karachi. He said, “She had come to Pakistan in some way, and when we met her in Karachi. She was destitute.” Bilkis told that he had named her Fatima, but she was named Geeta when she came to know that she is a Hindu. Although she cannot hear and speak.

Former foreign minister Sushma Swaraj had a significant role.

In 2015, the former External Affairs Minister of India. The late Sushma Swaraj, arranged for the girl to be brought to India. Bilkis said that it took about four and a half years for Geeta to find her birth parents. And this has been confirmed through DNA testing. He told that Geeta’s birth father had died a few years ago, and his mother, Meena, has remarried.