Corona Scare: Indian’s Stuck At Dubai Airport Without Food and Water

Dubai Airport Closed

Dubai Airport Closed: Amidst the havoc of Coronavirus, many countries of the world, including India, have announced the lockdown. Given the danger of infection, India has refused to land international aircraft at all its airports. But Indians still trap in many countries, who are continually asking for help.

Dubai Airport Closed

Planes are not flying from Dubai. In such a situation, many Indian citizens stranded in Dubai. These are the Indians who had left for India from different countries of Europe; they had to take a flight from Dubai to India. But Dubai has been closed, and these people are stuck at the airport itself. The homeland return of these passengers is not possible.

One such Indian Jazhu Nair has tweeted and requested the Indian Ministry of External Affairs and PMO India for help. Nair, trapped at the airport, tweeted, “I want to get out of here.” He said I have relatives in Dubai. If I am allowed to leave Dubai, I can go and stay here. Please help me in this hopeless situation.

Like Jazhu Nair, many people forced to sleep on the ground at the airport. Neither do they have anything to eat nor any means to return to their homeland? This luxurious airport is now starting to look like a prison for people.

Let us tell you that not only Indians but people from other countries also stranded at Dubai Airport. A Sri Lankan citizen tweeted and said, Dubai will too closed. I have no way to return to my country.

These videos from a fellow Indian stranded in the Dubai Airport; these are our conditions. Please help to find us a solution as the concerned authorities have made no decision.

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