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International Women’s Day 2020: Wishes, Images, Shayari and Quotes

International Women’s Day: From the kitchen of the house to the threshold, the colours would come out in the dreams. Tati does not go on; only then it is called the history of compelling stories. She is a woman; she is sanguine.

Every year 8 March is dedicated to women. This Day celebrated as International Women’s Day. There are many kinds of events related to art and culture at the place, then the trade of giving flowers, gifts and chocolates in the offices has started from the last few years. All these types of events meant to make women feel special, but you can make them happy with small things.

So if you are not able to do all these things for any reason, do not worry, you can also congratulate your dear ladies on this Day with these loving messages. If you want, these messages can also make your WhatsApp and Facebook status for that whole Day.

International Women’s Day 2020 Wishes

Thousands of flowers needed to make a garland,
Thousands of lamps required to decorate an aarti,
To make thousands of drops of ocean,
But a ‘woman’ alone is enough to make the house a paradise
Hearty congratulations on Women’s Day

Woman, you are love, faith, trust
The only hope of broken expectations
Every life that you are the basis
You are the love in the world of hate
Get up and hold on
Not just one day
You’re special every day
Happy Women’s Day

When Did Started?

International Women’s Day stems from a labour movement. It planted in the year 1908 when 15 thousand women marched in New York City, demanding fewer hours in the job. Apart from this, they demanded that they should be given better wages and also given the right to vote. A year later, the Socialist Party declared this Day as the first National Women’s Day.

The woman is a mother worship her
A woman is a sister, love her,
The woman is a sister-in-law, respect her
A woman is a wife, like her,
A woman is a woman, respect her.
Congratulations on Women’s Day.

She is the mother; women are the daughter,
She is a sister; sometimes she is a wife
Every happiness in life included in sorrow
He is the power; he is the inspiration
Greetings to all those ladies
At every turn of life, she supports us!
Happy International Women’s Day.

You keep chirping, you smell,
You stay sparkling,
By becoming a daughter, sometimes as a sister,
Sometimes girlfriend, sometimes as a wife,
Keep on raining happiness
In this long journey of life
Be a mother and guide you.
Happy International Women’s Day.

Smiling, forgetting the pain, the world was closed in relationships,
A woman is the power to illuminate every step
Congratulations on International Women’s Day.

A woman is the power of man,
A woman is the beauty of a home,
Which he gets due respect,
Blossoms of happiness in the house
Happy International Women’s Day.

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