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Iran Oil Pipeline Blast in Southern Part of Country Says Reports


Iran Oil Pipeline Blast: An oil pipeline in Iran exploded on Wednesday. This incident has happened in the southern part of the country. No damage to life and property has been reported so far (Iran Pipeline Blast).

In the matter, Iran’s Tasnim news agency has told that the accident happened because the pipeline’s infrastructure had become very old. After the explosion, earthquake-like tremors were felt in the surrounding areas, the agency said. This shows that the outbreak has been very fast.

Iran Oil Pipeline Blast in Southern Part

Many videos of the incident are also going viral on social media. In which large plumes of fire can be seen. A local official in the oil-rich province of Khuzestan told state media: “There were no casualties in the accident.”


The fire has now been brought under control (Blast in Iran). This is not the first time such an incident is happening in Iran, but it has been seen many times before. There have been several incidents of fires and explosions in Iran in the past 12 months.

Such accidents happen in many places.

In June, there were reports of an explosion and fire at the Jarand Irani Steel Company in eastern Iran. Earlier this week, Iran’s largest naval ship Kharg, a training support vessel, was destroyed in a fire. It was submerged in water as soon as it caught fire. In addition, last week, a massive fire broke out at an oil refinery in the southern part of Tehran, in which no casualties were reported. In recent months, fires have been reported at several petrochemical plants across Iran.

thwarted attack on oil tanker

About two weeks ago, it was reported that Iran’s Navy had foiled an attack on its oil tanker. Pirates were trying to attack the oil tanker on the way to the Gulf of Aden. Then the Iranian Navy squad aboard the tanker had an encounter with the pirates. Weapons were attacked from both sides. At the time of the incident, the ship passed through the Bab al-Mandab Strait to the Gulf of Aden.

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