Coronavirus Havoc: Iran Released 70 Thousand Prisoners In Its Prison

The whole world is worried about Coronavirus havoc. After China, Corona is now wreaking havoc in the rest of the world. After China, its most destruction sees in Italy and Iran. Italy and Iran have reports the highest number of infections in the past week.

Coronavirus Havoc

So far, 631 people have died in Italy. Similarly, 291 people have killed in Iran so far. Iran has ordered people to stay in their homes to prevent infection. In this way, about 150 million people imprisoned in their homes.

Completely Banned In Public Places

At the same time, open spaces in Italy have entirely closed. Residents have told that the government is concerned for them, and they should avoid gathering in public places. It would be better not to go to the areas where such patients have found. So far, 60 cases of Coronavirus have reported in India. The Health Ministry is continuously investigating passengers arriving from the airport.

70 thousand Prisoners Released From Jail

Iran has taken a new step to save prisoners in its prisons from Corona. Currently, 70 thousand prisoners lodged in their jails have released. In Judicial Head (Judicial Head) in Iran, Ibrahim Raisi said that this work had done keeping in mind that prisoners in prison do not become Corona. It believed that Coronavirus spread by infection; if infected people are in contact with each other, then it is more likely to spread. Keeping this in mind, these prisoners are currently released.

Prisoners Advice On Coronavirus

During the release of prisoners, they have also advised staying away from the congestion and public places. He has also said that the prisoners who have released will have to come back to jail on their own after corona infection banned. A separate detail of all such prisoners has prepared. When the Coronavirus controlled, all of them will have to face the rest of their sentence.

However, he did not say that he was not sure when his return to jail would be. Earlier, China similarly released its jailed inmates because of their emergency in Corona.

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