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Vladimir Putin Hides Assets Worth Rs 1,51,84,00,00,00,000 by KGB Spies


After the attack on Ukraine, many countries are strongly condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin is known as the world’s richest man. It is being told that he has hidden assets of 200 billion pounds (Rs 1,51,84,00,00,00,000), as he is giving up to 50 per cent of every ruble made in Russia on behalf of the country’s most influential people.

Get embezzled. In addition, Putin’s daughter is a billionaire Russian tenant in the exclusive Surrey estate. Britain’s National Crime Agency has started searching for the property of a powerful Kremlin man in the UK.

Alexey Navalny, the leader of the opposition in Russia, has already revealed how Putin disguised his extraordinary wealth as the mayor of St. Petersburg, university school friends and childhood friends from a network of lovers, children, KGB spies, allies. Make use of. A disgruntled Navalny is lodged in a Russian prison on the alleged charges and sentenced to 13 years.


According to Daily Mail reports, the Russian president’s close friends include the son of his childhood friend, who has an unexplained net worth of $500 million. His cousin’s nephew also has an unexplained $500 million and his former KGB boss, who is now the head of one of Russia’s biggest oil companies.

The so-called ‘Kleptocracy Squad’ of the National Crime Agency has begun searching for Putin’s assets in Britain. Activists claim that he has three daughters, one of whom is a daughter from his second affair. She has a net worth of $100 million and is the owner of a property in the Leafy Surrey Estate.

Putin has a vast palace worth a billion dollars on the shores of the Black Sea.

Navalny claims that Putin has a giant palace on the shores of the Black Sea, worth a billion dollars, which includes a toilet brush worth $ 650. Kickbacks finance it from established associates at the top of Russia’s largest oil and gas companies. Still, it is also believed to have hidden assets in the form of assets, businesses and investments held by trusted associates worldwide.


68-year-old Putin had Lyudmila Putina, and from this marriage, he has two daughters, 35-year-old Maria and 34-year-old Katerina. The couple got divorced in 2013. Lovechild Elizaveta was born in 2003, following his relationship with cleaner Svetlana Krivonogikh. Krivonogikh lives in Monaco with her daughter, who amassed a net worth of $100 million soon after the birth of their child.

‘Kleptocracy team will spend its time to find Putin’s assets’

A new ‘kleptocracy cell’ set up at the National Crime Agency examines whether Putin has amassed millions of pounds of his wealth in London. An NCA source told The Telegraph, “People are working on it. The Kleptocracy team will spend its time on this. The unit will track Putin’s money and the money of those close to him.

Once Russia’s most prominent foreign investor financier Bill Brower, who now calls himself Vladimir Putin’s ‘number one enemy’, says the president’s business model outweighs what more than 100 oligarchs make each year. Half has to be finished. Of these, about 20 men are billionaires.

Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra
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