Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka Trump Blew ‘Stay At Home’ Order

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in America right now. More than 6 lakh people have fallen prey to this. Everyone appealed to stay in the house. Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump, the daughter and advisor of US President Donald Trump, is accused of violating the Stay at Home order. Ivanka visited Trump Golf Club with her family on 8 April, after which she is on target.

Ivanka Trump Holiday

At this time in Washington, everyone has asked to stay at home. Despite this, Ivanka Trump, Jerez Kushner went on a holiday with their children at Trump Golf Club on 8 April. Here he spent a day and then came back.

But now the US media has created a ruckus about this issue. Everyone targeted by Donald Trump and people are demanding the dismissal of Ivanka Trump as a consultant. On the other hand, the White House has described it as a private trip and advised not to dispute much.

Significantly, this time in Washington, the Governor of America has ordered that people should go out only when necessary work is done. In such a situation, the morning walks, the dog not allowed to move or to roam without any reason. Despite this, Ivanka went to the golf club with her family.

Ivanka Trump is continually urging people to stay at home on her social media accounts and is asking them to follow social distancing. But when he revealed the matter of violation, the dispute deepened.

Significantly, at present, more than 6 lakh coronavirus cases have reported in America, while more than 30 thousand people have lost their lives.

US President Donald Trump Daughter Ivanka Trump Went To The Golf Club With Her Family. Despite The Order Of Stay At Home, there has been a dispute over Ivanka doing this.

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