Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Bought New House For 121.6 Million

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man and founder of Amazon, has bought a new home in New York. He bought a new house here for three thousand square feet for $16 million (about Rs 121.6 crore). This house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. This apartment is just below the previous apartment they bought.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Last summer, Jeff Bezos bought a penthouse and two new apartments. Bezos, the chief executive officer of Amazon, purchased the property from the person who purchased the new house in 2018 for $1125 million. That is, Bezos bought this property after only two years by giving 43 per cent more amount. He has purchased the new apartment through a company registered in Delaware.

Where the world is currently battling the coronavirus, and it has harmed the economy of many countries. At such times, Jeff Bezos wealth has increased by nearly $24 billion. During the lockdown, the dependence of people on shopping e-commerce website Amazon has increased. These have increased Bezos’ wealth.

Bought A House Of Rs 1,172 Crore in Los Angeles

Earlier, Jeff Bezos bought a plush house in Los Angeles for $ 165 million (over Rs 1171.5 crore). Which is the new property record in the region? According to a Wall Street Journal report, Bezos bought the luxury home (Warner Estate) from media businessman David Geffen. Bezos gave

$100 million to hunger for unemployed Americans, while taking steps to eradicate the hunger of unemployed Americans, donated $100 million to the US Food Bank to help them.

Indeed, unemployment is increasing in the US due to the coronavirus epidemic. In this context, Jeff Bezos told via a post on Instagram that he wants to help the enthusiastic officials of the country’s food bank and those who rely on him for food. For this, he wants to give $ 100 million to Feeding America.

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