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Kicked And Punched In A Flying Plane, One Pissed On The Other!


Two brothers created a stir in a flight; both were intoxicated. Both beat and punched each other. The situation became such that one of these brothers urinated on the other inside the plane. They are said to be residents of South East London.

The airlines fined the brothers more than 48 lakh rupees (£50,000) and banned them from flying for life.

According to the report of ‘Mirror’, this matter is of May 12 last month where the Jet-2 flight was going from Stansted Airport in London to Crete, Greece.


The passenger inside the flight recorded the video of this incident. However, the identity of this passenger has not been disclosed. It is seen in the video that Greek police officers are taking down one of the brothers. A passenger said that the flight staff found empty vodka bottles near these two riotous brothers’ seats.

The flight had to be diverted.

Both the brothers were also fighting with each other inside the flight. Disturbed by these antics of both, the pilot of Jet-2 Airlines had to take the flight to Corfu (a city in the country of Greece) so that these brothers could be landed. Due to this action of these two brothers, 200 passengers were upset. At the same time, the flight was also delayed by about four and a half hours.

Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra
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