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US Sent 12000 Soldiers To Siege Russia, Biden Said – Putin Will Not Win


Russia-Ukraine War: Russia and Ukraine have fought a war for 17 days. But so far, there is no sign of any peace. At the same time, western countries, including America, have also jumped into this war. US President Joe Biden has given a solid reaction to Russia. He has said that Putin will not win. Along with this, he has sent 12,000 soldiers to siege Russia. Now, this war has come to a hazardous point.

US President Joe Biden said that we would protect every inch of every area of ​​NATO. At the same time, he also insisted on fighting the Third World War in Ukraine. Let us tell you that Biden has sent troops to Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Romania adjacent to the Russian border. Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not win the war against Ukraine.

Standing side by side with colleagues.

US President Biden said that the people of Ukraine had shown bravery and courage in the face of a Russian military attack, so the US will not back down in its defence. We will continue to support Ukraine. At the same time, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies in Europe.


I don’t want to fight the third world war in Ukraine.

Joe Biden said I had sent a contingent of my 12,000 soldiers to the Russian border to besiege Russia. These soldiers will surround Russia in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania. At the same time, Biden said that if we retail, then it is clear that there will be a third world war. But we are determined to defend NATO. However, we will not fight the third world war in Ukraine.

We can isolate Russia.

Joe Biden said in a threatening manner that we could increase our economic pressure on Putin and isolate Russia on the global stage. Also noted is that American pilots and American soldiers leave with planes and tanks. Don’t take it as a joke. Biden said that G-7 countries Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain, America had taken necessary steps to sanction Russia.

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