Passenger Aircraft Crashes in Kazakhstan, 15 Killed and 35 Injured

An Aircraft Has Crashed In The City Of Almaty, Kazakhstan. This Aircraft Had About 100 Passengers. Soon After Take-Off From Almaty Airport,

A horrific plane crash has occurred in Almaty, Kazakhstan. A passenger plane reports having crashed near Almaty Airport here. There are reports of 100 people boarding the plane. It is told that the accident happens just after takeoff. At the time of writing the news in this plane accident, 15 people report killing and more than 35 injured. However, some rescued by relief and rescue teams.

Kazakhstan Plane Crash

According to the information, on Friday morning, Beck Air’s flight took off from Almaty Airport with 95 passengers and 5 crew members. Just after takeoff, it crashed into a multi-story building and crashed. As soon as the plane crashed, relief and rescue teams left for the spot.

The plane which was a victim of the accident was going from Almaty to Noor-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan. Within minutes of taking off, it disappeared from the radar. Soon, smoke started coming from the place of the accident. Relief and rescue teams of the plane went missing and reached the accident site.

After the accident, pictures of the crash aircraft are going viral on social media, in which people save from the wreckage see sitting there. Also, a video has also surfaced in which the plane is broken into pieces.

So far 14 deaths have confirmed. The work of saving people is going on. Aircraft Kazakhstan was going Nursultan nation’s capital from Almaty’s big city. Almaty Airport says the plane had five crew members, including 95 passengers. A special commission will set up to find out the cause of the accident.

According to the news agency AP report, the number of dead is stated to be 14. Beck Air Flight 2100 lost contact just minutes after takeoff as per local time (7.05 am). At present, the rescue operation is going on and the work of evacuating those trapped in the aircraft is going on. The cause of the plane crash has not known yet.

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