North Korea Dictator Kim Jong Un Is No More Claim By Media Reports

Kim Jong Un Death Scene

There is a lot of speculation about North Korean dictator Kim Jong. In some reports, where his death is being claimed, in some stories, he told to move around in a fit of health. Media reports claim that Kim Jong Un has either died or lost his consciousness after heart surgery. The report claims that a team of doctors from China went to North Korea to treat dictator Kim Jong.

Hong Kong Satellite TV (Ekchestv) Vice Director Shijian Jingju claimed that a very close source told him that Kim had died. Earlier, Japan’s magazine claimed that Kim Jong had lost consciousness.

Kim Jong Un Death News

However, there is worldwide silence on the whole matter as Pyongyang’s media is completely silent about Kim Jong’s condition and whereabouts. However, on the one hand where there is no authentically confirmed death of Kim Jong. But he is trending #KimJongUndead on Twitter.

It has claimed in Japan’s magazine that Kim Jong Un had fallen into a tizzy earlier this month. The magazine reported that the medical act team of China. Who monitored the entire situation, told them that there was a need to perform stunts that were either delayed or wrongly done, leading to more problems.

Earlier this week, his health was reportedly monitored by US intelligence officials who believed to be in danger of being told that Kim Jong is in jeopardy following a cardiovascular operation.

Former CIA Deputy Division Chief for North Korea Bruce Klingner told CNN that all the speculation behind Kim Jong Un poor health had proved to be wrong. So the things were authenticated by the secrecy there. It is tough to do.

He said that several recent reports about Kim’s health claimed. If Kim hospitalized, why did he not attend on the special day of April 15? But, Kim Jong Un and his father have been mouthing death for years. Because of this, we have to wait and see. Kim appeared behind it on April 11 during a government meeting.