Kim Jong Un Disappearance Reveals The Reality

Kim Jong Un Dead News

In the Corona era, when the whole world was suffering the virus. This North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was claiming that his country was completely safe. Everyone was surprised at how this neighbour of China survived the virus. And this cynical dictator was smiling at the same misfortune of the world. Even during the Corona period. Kim Jong tried to send the message to the world that he had no worries about the epidemic. But now the craze has suddenly disappeared. Neither is he aware of it, nor is he seen anywhere.

Why did Kim Jong Un capture seclusion in the Corona era, leaving his people in the middle? Many stories came out behind this. It said earlier that he is struggling with a severe illness, and when he should leave his breath, nothing can be said. After this, it noted that Kim Jong has gone on a tour of his state, and that is why people do not see it, but now the curtain has been lifted from reality. It has learned that Kim has run away due to Corona’s fear, living in the villa between her secret and intelligence, which neither the world knows nor the residents of this country.

Kim Jong Un himself specially builds that villa. It said that as Kim got the news of Kourna spreading to her country, she also understood the goodness of hiding.

Kim Jong-Un Is Hiding On His Intelligence Beach Villa!

  1. Freak freaking people around Kim Jong Un from being Corona?
  2. Nearly 200 North Korean soldiers show signs of Corona
  3. Many of these military officers reported directly to Kim.
  4. The dictator left the capital Pyongyang.
  5. Kim arrives at Vonsan-Karma peninsula villa by special train.

Japanese newspapers also testify that Kim Jong Un has left the capital due to Corona’s fear and hides at his private beach villa, as the capital Pyongyang is a very densely populated city. Kim doesn’t want to risk being here. However, before that, Kim’s disappearance sparked a wave of funeral pyre throughout the country, as Kim not seen on essential occasions for the last several days.

Kim Grandfather Father

On April 15, the birthday celebrations of North Korea’s founder and Kim Jong Un’s grandfather celebrated. Kim Jong Un did not appear at this special ceremony in North Korea. There was no year when Kim did not attend, but he did not look this time. After that, many kinds of speculation started getting wind. Concerns raised about Kim’s health. Kim-jong-un last saw at a government meeting a few days before the ceremony.

It is also absolutely true that it is tough to get the right information about Kim Jong because many times, there are big rumours about Kim Jong Un. These are not the first time Kim-Joon-un has been reported missing. A South Korean news agency has quoted sources claiming that there are no abnormal signs in North Korea. Meaning, a section of the South Korean media is looking at the news of Kim’s illness as her new manoeuvre.

South Korean sources, who keep an eye on North Korea all the time, also believe that Kim Jong has gone underground due to Corona’s fear and nothing more than that for himself. According to these sources, Kim Jong is now escaping from the army he used to boast. Kim Jong is as famous as his craze, the world of secrets of his life. Whenever there is any speculation about Kim Jong Un, he has come forward every time he has denied them. And this time too many news reports about his disappearance have come out. Still, the reality is now that the freak has been so frightened by a virus That he no longer wants to get out of his den.