Kim Said – The US behaves Like Gangster, We Will Bring New Weapons

Kim Jong Un

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has announced that his agencies will work on a new type of weapon. During a meeting with US President Donald Trump last year, North Korea had said to stop its nuclear program. But as the years changed, he also changed his policy and talked about working in a new way.

Kim Jong Un

According to the news agency Reuters, Kim Jong-un had a meeting with the top leaders of his party, which discussed the relationship with America. North Korea has appealed to talk again on the nuclear program, but the US is still not responding.

A statement was made on behalf of Kim that America is treating us like a gangster and wants us to do our work according to them. With this, he said that now the world will see our new weapons program which will be historic.

Kim Jong Un’s statement also led to the reaction of US President Donald Trump. Donald Trump said that he (Kim Jong Un) was a man of his words, in which case he had said to give up nuclear weapons. In such a situation, he hopes that he will do the same.

However, Donald Trump also said that if North Korea moves forward on its new strategy. Then we will do what we have to do. Trump once again reminded us that when we met in Singapore, a contract sign between the two countries. Hoping that Kim Jong will remember them.

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