Kim Pyong Il Considered As The Next Leader After Kim Jong Un

Kim Pyong Il Leader Of North Korea

There are many rumors about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. It said that he had a heart operation, after which his health has worsened. Another report said that he was brain dead. Reports are coming from inside North Korea that Kim Jong is entirely healthy. However, in this era of rumors, the name of Kim Jong Un’s uncle suddenly started coming up in North Korea. Kim Pyong Il Beechhe had lived outside North Korea for 40 years but is now considered the heir to the throne of North Korea.

Who Is Kim Pyong Il?

65-year-old Kim Pyong Il is the last known son of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung. Kim Pyong Il spent nearly four decades abroad in diplomatic positions in Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland, Poland, and the Czech Republic, after losing to her half-brother, Kim Jong Il, in the 1970s. Last year, he returned to Pyongyang. However, Kim Pyong Il effectively sidelined. He was largely cut off from the state media and was never allowed to develop enough power to become a severe challenge to the leadership.

Some North Korean observers say that he can take the reins of governance from 36-year-old Kim Jong-un since he has no successor. Kim also has blood in her veins and is also a male. According to Thao Yong Ho, North Korea’s deputy ambassador to Britain.

Conservative male leader Kim Jong Un’s younger sister Kim Yong-jong in Pyongyang will oppose power, which has been helping to make policy for North Korea for years. Has been standing with her brother for Let us tell that Thao fled to South Korea in 2016. He said that Kim Yo Jong would not allow taking power because of his gender and relatively young age.

Kim Yo Jong

Thao said the problem is that a Kim Yo Jong-led North Korea is unlikely to be sustainable. He warns that being a woman may lead to chaos with her as a collective leadership. To avoid this, some in the direction will try to bring back Kim Pyong Il. Who is now under house arrest and also the focal point of power.

At the same time, others don’t think Kim Pyong Il has a chance. Member of Parliament’s Intelligence Committee, South Korean ruling party MP Kim Byong-ki, dismissed the possibility on social media on Sunday. He said that North Korea has often deported those who are not in their favor, attempts to erase their influence, but also given a financial lifeline so that they depend on the rulers of Pyongyang.

If Kim Pyong Il took power, his influence could jeopardize the current top leadership that has suppressed for decades. When Kim Jong Un assumed control after his father’s death in 2011, he soon eliminated potential rivals. He killed his uncle and one-time deputy, Jang Song Thak. It suspected that he ordered the killing of his exiled elder step-brother Kim Jong Nam in Malaysia.