Will Kim Yo Jong Become The First Woman Leader Of North Korea ?

There are also speculations about Kim’s successor in North Korea amid speculation about North Korea’s Marshal Kim Jong Un poor condition. There is speculation that if something happens to Kim, who will be his successor? So currently, two names are coming with this. One of them is Kim’s wife and the other sister. But according to experts, Kim’s sister has more weight. And if that happens, Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong Na will just be the world’s first female dictator. Would also become the first woman supreme leader of North Korea

Who is Kim Yo Jong?

She is the youngest of seven siblings. Kim’s father, Kim Il, performed five weddings. Marshall is the child of Kim Jong Un and Kim Yo Jong Kim Il’s third wife, the same mother, and the two have been close since childhood. On April 11, Kim Jong Un himself hinted at making Yo Jong his successor after he decided to name his sister as an alternate member at a meeting in North Korea’s Politburo. Kim Jong Un himself announced this on April 11 to make his sister an alternate member of the Politburo.

Kim Lives Like A Shadow With

When Marshall Kim is in his country, She accompanies him. When they go to South Korea, Yo Jong is behind them. Kim meets with the US President in Singapore, Yo Jong follows him. If someone lives with Kim like a shadow all the time, so he is not his wife but sister Kim Yo Jong. When will he meet whom? It not fixed without Yo Jong’s permission. Yo Jong himself prepares the outline of each of his meetings. Places where Kim cannot go, She represents North Korea in those places.

Even Kim Yo Jong played an essential role in Kim’s meeting with the US President. That is why there is speculation that if anything happens to Kim, She may become the first woman Supreme Leader of North Korea in her place.

There will still be a rift between Kim Yo Jong and the chair of North Korea’s Supreme Leader and that since North Korea has come into existence, there has never been a female leader in power at this high rank. But it is difficult to guess when and what will happen in North Korea. So the question is whether North Korea will be safe in the hands of Yo Jong. Has North Korea made 6-6 nuclear bombs? If his button came in the hands of Yo Jong, the world would be safe. These are because, in North Korea, it believed that She is more strict and cruel than Kim.

Kim Yo Jong Is Crueler Than Kim?

According to the British English newspaper The Mirror, experts are warning that Kim Yo Jong is very cruel. It said that Yo Jong tells the people of the party to treat them with respect and fear. The media in North Korea always mention him. Because even though the position of vice-director is not available, the area is the same.

Kim Yo Jang’s growing stature in the Organization and Guidance Department made him North Korea’s No. 2 in the eyes of the Bureaucrats of the Workers’ Party. He has gained importance in the OGD. There is also evidence that for many years, he was prepared for this, that if something happens to Jong, Yo Jong is ready to take his place.

However, Kim Yo Jong has always made his place, staying behind his brother. He never tried to create any kind of competition by coming in front of his brother. Instead, he decided to create a positive image of his brother in front of the world. Kim has also increased her sister’s stature from time to time. Perhaps this is the reason why Yo Jong has been expressing his opinion on important political and diplomatic issues of North Korea. Often Yo Jong Bebak’s statements also testified his strength.

When South Korea protested against North Korea’s live-fire military exercise, Kim Yo Jong said that ‘scared dogs are barking.’ Earlier, She publicly praised American nation husband Donald Trump for sending the letter. He hoped that relations between North Korea and America would improve.

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