Live Update Of Massive Asteroid 1998 OR2 On 29 April 2020

Asteroid 29 April 2020 News

Asteroid 1998 OR2: While the world is fighting a battle with Coronavirus. OAsteroidn the other hand, there is something else going on in space. On one side, while the world is locked in houses to deal with the Coronavirus, on the other hand. A sizeable dense Asteroid is growing in the Earth. Massive Asteroid 1998 OR2 will pass close to Earth on Wednesday morning.

Live Update Of Asteroid

Claims made that it will cause catastrophe-like situations, and all will end. The nearly 1.2-mile-wide Asteroid Meteorite continues to be a center of attraction for scientists around the world and overseen by the world’s space agencies, including NASA. The speed of this Asteroid is 19,000 km per hour, and at the same rate, it is moving forward. It was first seen in 1998.

Scientists say that it is vast and is enough to create a global impact on Earth. However, he has clearly stated about this Asteroid that there is no need to be afraid of it because it is going to go far away from the Earth. This Asteroid will run 1.8 million km away from Earth. In such a situation, if someone is also talking to you about the end of the Earth on the morning of April 29, then do not believe it because it is entirely fake.

However, scientists have seen it as a threat to the Earth due to its size. Recently NASA also released a picture showing the image of this Asteroid. In it, it looked like a masked person. Scientists said that at one end of it, there are features like hills and ridges. So it seems like it is masked.

NASA has also introduced a question-and-answer session to calm the curiosity of people so that those who are eager to know about it can take juridical information. According to the report, this meteorite will pass close to the Earth around 5 am on April 29, and it will not cause any harm on the Earth. Despite this, it monitored continuously.