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New Date Of Mahavinash! Will The World End On ‘April 29’?

Do we have only one month left to save the world? The bell of the Mahavinash has started ringing on the planet. Which has become the biggest concern for the world right now? NASA itself has confirmed that the world may change on April 29.

Mahavinash On 29 April 2020?

  1. In April, an asteroid from space can hit Earth
  2. The speed of this Asteroid reported being 31 thousand km / h
  3. According to scientists, this Asteroid said to be as large as the Himalayas
  4. NASA has confirmed this Asteroid passing very close to the Earth Mahavinash
  5. Scientists are apprehensive that if this Asteroid collides with the Earth, then there will be a catastrophe, maybe the end of the entire human civilization from the world.

The Great Disaster Happened Billions Of Years Ago

The dinosaur era came to an end when the Asteroid collided with the Earth billions of years ago. In 2020, such fear, similar fear has once again started looming over the whole world. Prominent scientists have fallen asleep. Superpower is nervous about America. Because NASA has confirmed that one such giant Asteroid is once again passing very close to the Earth. This date which can change the world can be April 29. Mahavinash.

According to NASA, there is nothing to worry about at the moment. But, even after this, many scientists are still apprehensive that if there is a difference of a few seconds in its timing, then this Asteroid can hit the Earth and then it is possible that after that, the whole human civilization will end like dinosaurs.

The Asteroid Hit The Ground Causing Mahavinash

First of all, tell you the name of this Asteroid. It is named 52768 (1998 IR2). Its speed is 19 thousand miles/hour. Scientists know that this Asteroid can be as massive as Mount Everest, and if it hits the Earth, it can cause Mahavinash.

6.6 million years ago, the Asteroid which ended up hitting the dinosaurs on the Earth had a speed of 40 thousand miles per hour, at that time the impact of the Asteroid was so strong that it could end life on Earth three times.

Asteroid Caused The End Of The Dinosaur Era

Asteroid collided with the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico 696 million years ago. Due to which a pit formed 111 miles wide and 20 miles deep. When scientists examined this pit, the sulfur compound was found in the rock there. The foundation had turned into vapour due to the collision of the Asteroid, which formed a cloud of dust in the air. The result was that Earthhole earth became cold and remained in the same condition for a decade. Most of the creatures died in those conditions, and the dinosaur era was also over.

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