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Malala Yousafzai Spoke On India’s Hijab Controversy And Her Jeans Pics


International Women’s Day 2022: Today, International Women’s Day is being celebrated to promote women’s rights worldwide. Meanwhile, an article written by Pakistan’s Nobel laureate and women’s rights activist Malala Yousafzai on women’s rights is in a discussion. Malala has written that whether a woman wants to wear a bikini or a burqa, her decision should be.

Malala has shared her long article on Instagram, in which she writes that her relatives used to see her on TV and say that it should be in the house; why is she giving interviews without covering her face.

Malala Yousafzai wrote, ‘When I was 12 years old, a relative complained to my father why he gives interviews on channels. She had said – it should stay in the house and not in front of the cameras, and if it is going, then at least cover your face. People neither want to see the open face of girls nor do they want to hear their voices.


Mention of Taliban

She further said that before the arrival of the Taliban in the Swat Valley of Pakistan, women used to wear long, thickly embroidered shawls. Her mother used to cover her face in the same way, but after the arrival of the Taliban, a unique dress code was made for women so that no part of their body could be seen.

Malala wrote, ‘The Taliban made it mandatory that all women wear a black abaya and a burqa covering from head to toe. If someone did not follow the dress code of the Taliban, he was beaten up badly. I also wore a burqa when I was 10 or 11 years old.

Malala said that even today, girls are being pressed for their dress. She added, ‘As soon as a girl from Pakistan enters adolescence, her family, neighbours and even strangers expect her to look a certain way. A girl’s outfit determines what people think of her and how they treat her. If you do not follow an established dress code, you are considered a threat to the culture and religion and seen as an outsider.


Malala Yousafzai said that her face was her identity, and therefore she refused to cover her face.


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Malala spoke about the controversy over the dress of girls around the world.

Regarding the controversy arising from time to time on girls’ clothes in the world’s countries, Malala Yousafzai said, ‘Girls are being attacked all over the world for what they wear. Last month, schools and colleges in Karnataka, India, banned girls from wearing the hijab. This forced her to choose between her education and the hijab. He had to suffer humiliation for covering his head.

Parliamentarians in France voted in January to ban the hijab at sporting events. 143 out of 160 MPs voted for the hijab ban. Taliban officials in Afghanistan are advising women to wear blankets to work.


Malala Yousafzai further wrote that women and girls in every corner of the world understand that if they are harassed or attacked on the street, they are more likely to be sued for their clothes than their attackers.

She wrote, ‘Women are constantly being told to wear certain types of clothes or that they should stop wearing those clothes. They are frequently sexually abused or oppressed. We are beaten at home, punished at school and harassed in public for what we wear. ,

“Years ago, when the Taliban forced women from my community to wear a burqa, I raised my voice against the Taliban. And last month, I spoke out against banning Indian girls from wearing the hijab. This is not a contradiction. In both cases, women are seen as objects. If someone forces me to cover my head, I will protest. Even if someone forces me to remove my dupatta, I will oppose it.



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Bikini or burqa – the decision should be of the woman

Malala says that what a woman wears is entirely her decision. She said, ‘Whether a woman wears a burqa or a bikini – she has the right to decide for herself.’

Malala also spoke on the controversy over the picture of jeans

A view of Malala went viral in which she was wearing jeans and a jacket. Many people criticized Malala for wearing jeans that she had forgotten the teachings of Islam by going to Oxford.

Malala wrote about this, ‘Some people were shocked to see me out of the traditional salwar kameez. She criticized me that I had turned to western clothes. People claimed that I had left Pakistan and Islam. Others said that my dupatta with jeans was a symbol of harassment and should remove. I said nothing. I felt that I could not live up to everyone’s expectations.



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Malala said, “The truth is, I love my scarves. I feel closer to my culture when I wear them. I love my flower-patterned salwar-kameez. I love my jeans too.” And I am proud of my scarf.’

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