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Man Did Such An Act For 20 Min In The Train, The Girl Replied Like This


While travelling on the train, a man-made video of the girl. He did this continuously for 20 minutes. After getting upset, the girl also started making a video of this eccentric person. Later the girl shared the footage on Tiktok, which went viral.

Shinae Martin said- ‘I realized you are not safe in public transport. And all this is happening even now. Shinae is 21 years old; she hails from the Waikato area of ​​North Island, New Zealand. She wants to become a model.

Had boarded the train from Shinae Quiet station. In the bogie in which she was sitting, there was no other person except her. When she reached her destination, she called her boyfriend and called him. According to Shinae, he was afraid that this crazy person would be around him.


Shinae Martin Recorded By Man In Train

According to Shinae, this person did not try to talk; they just kept making videos.

Shinae understood that the person was making the video, yet he did not stop. She got upset seeing his action. Then she also took out his phone and started making videos of the person.


Video posted on Tiktok.

Shinae had posted this video on Tiktok earlier, but when many men made objectionable comments, they deleted it. Shinae has sent the video to the train station from where the man had boarded the train. They are hopeful that the local staff will identify this man.

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Abhay Singh
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