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It Is Mandatory In These 16 Countries To Serve In The Army


There are 16 countries in the world where Mandatory Military Service is applicable. This can range from a few months to a few years. If a youth or civilian refuses military service, he has to face punishment according to the rules of that country. India gives freedom in this matter. Whether one wants to join the army or not. Now recruit usually or become Agniveer under Agnipath Scheme. Let us know which are these 16 countries where compulsory military service is applicable.

Israel: Compulsory military service is mandatory for both men and women in Israel. Here men have to stay in the army for two and a half years. Some soldiers have to wait for an additional four months under different responsibilities. Women have to do military service for two years. If needed, a further eight months of service is required for some posts. Only on the medical ground is one allowed to leave the army. Exceptional circumstances enable athletes to leave the military in a shorter time.

Bermuda: Bermuda comes in the Maritime Territory of England. But despite this, it has a separate army. In which the government draws a lottery for men to join the military. In this, men of 18 to 32 years are recruited. The person whose name comes in the lottery must compulsorily serve in the Bermuda Regiment for 38 months.

Military Service Mandatory In Russia
The Rule Of Compulsory Military Service Is Applicable In Russia. Russian Soldiers Training.

Russia: In Russia, youth between the ages of 18 and 27 have to do compulsory military service. From 1980 onwards, the length of military service was reduced from two years to 18 months. But after 1995 it was reduced to two years. The new rule came in the year 2006. Those recruited in 2007 had to work for 18 months, and those recruited in 2008 had to work for only one year. Doctors, teachers and those men who have children of three years or less are exempted.

Brazil: In Brazil, men have to do military service for 12 months. This rule comes into force as soon as they turn 18. Discounts can be given based on health. Military service can be postponed if you study at university, but it cannot be revoked. Every young man has to serve in the Brazilian army.

Cyprus: In Cyprus, all Greek-Cypriot men are required to serve in the military. The Cypriot army recruits men between the ages of 17 and 50. Since 2008, Armenians, Latins and Maronites also have had to do. Here one has to stay in the army for 24 months.


Greece: As soon as the youth of Greece turn 19, they have to enlist in military service. People up to the age of 45 can join the army. There is an exciting rule of recruitment in the Greek army. If you are also a foreign citizen, but if the Greek government accepts you like Greek, you will have to serve in the military there. Or he has taken the citizenship of Greece. Or why should he not have citizenship in any other country?

Iran: Compulsory military service is also applicable in Iran. It starts at the age of 18. If someone has any disease or disability physically or mentally, then only he gets an exemption. Military service can be delayed because of students’ studies but cannot be postponed. You have to serve in the army for 24 months. The service is reduced to 22 months during bad areas and 20 months during border deployment.

North Korea: Recruitment in the North Korean army is mandatory. However, there are doubts about its constitutional rules. The recruitment of women in the military is selective. It starts at the age of 14. Service begins at the age of 17. It ends at the age of 30. It began during the Korean War.


South Korea: In South Korea, the youth of 18 to 28 years must do military service compulsorily. He would have been in the army for two years. Last year, the South Korean parliament allowed K-Pop stars to join the military until they were 30. But he cannot run away from military service.

Mexico: Since 2000, women have also started recruiting in the Mexican army. Recruitment in the Mexican military begins at the age of 18. For active duty, youth aged 18 to 21 are recruited whose secondary education has been completed. Twenty-two years is for those who have completed high school.

Singapore: National Service is mandatory in Singapore. Every man has to join the Singapore Armed Forces at the age of 18. Apart from this, he can join the Singapore Civil Defense Force or the Singapore Police Force. Those who break this rule may have to face a fine of 10 thousand Singaporean dollars, i.e. 5.61 lakh rupees, three years imprisonment or both.


Switzerland: Compulsory military service is applicable in Switzerland. All healthy men must join the military as soon as they become adults. Women themselves can join the army if they want. It is around 21 weeks old. After this, it can be increased according to the required training. Usually, it consists of 6 training periods. Each training is of 19 days.

Thailand: Compulsory military service in Thailand has been in force since 1905. All Thailand residents (male) are required to enlist in the army. Men must join the army as soon as they reach age 21.

Turkey: Army recruitment is also necessary for Turkey. All men between the ages of 20 and 41 must join the Turkish military. Those with higher education or vocational training can postpone their military training for a few days.


United Arab Emirates: National service is necessary for the United Arab Emirates. All Emirati men between 17 and 30 must join the UAE Army. One has to serve in the army for 16 months.

Norway: In Norway, citizens of 19 years to 44 years have to serve the country by enlisting in the army compulsorily.

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