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The Cost Of Model Allie Rae Tooth Is 15 Lakhs; Fans Gave This Offer


An American model has told about a strange experience she had on social media. The model’s name is Allie Rae. Eli said that a fan had asked him for his teeth. In return, that fan was ready to pay even a hefty amount. What happened then? Let’s know the whole story.

According to the ‘Daily Star’ report, Allie Rae, a resident of Boston, America, recently told that once, one of her fans asked her for her teeth. He said that he loves her teeth very much. The fan had caught the insistence of buying teeth.

15 lakh offer in exchange for teeth!

Surprisingly, that fan of Ellie had even put the cost of teeth. He had offered Eli to give Rs 15 lakh in exchange for his teeth. Not only this, but he had also said that he would also bear the entire cost of the dentist. The fan himself would pay the price of getting the teeth removed and new teeth.


However, model Ellie was blown away after hearing this fan’s demand on OnlyFans. He immediately refused that fan. But whenever Ellie thinks about it, she laughs.


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Who is Model Ellie?

Let us tell you that Eli Ray shoots adult content with her husband except for the nurse. Ellie, who worked as a nurse for about 15 years, chose her new career only a few years ago. According to the report, she earns lakhs of rupees every month. Today he has assets worth crores. People also call him Millionaire Allie Rae.

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