Most Affected Countries With Coronavirus and Latest News

Countries Infected With Coronavirus

Europe and America are severely affected by Coronavirus. Several strict steps take to combat the epidemic. About 40 million population of California province of America has asked to stay indoors. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has called for the Army to deploy after a sharp increase in Coronavirus number of patients. Italy, the worst hit by the virus outbreak after China, has closed its ports for overseas cruises. The lockdown period has also extended to the next month.

Death Toll Exceeds 10 Thousand

There have been more Coronavirus deaths in Italy than in China. Whereas in the whole world, the death toll has crossed ten thousand. California has locked down since Thursday evening. New York Mayor Blasio said the entire city is reeling from the epidemic. The ArmyArmy should deploy to face the crisis. There have been 3,615 cases in New York alone. Traffic from the neighboring country Mexico to the US has also curbed.

Warning To Americans

Americans traveling abroad have warned that if they do not return immediately, they will remain outside indefinitely. In the European country, France is also preparing to extend the lockdown period. The British Prime Minister has also said that strict steps can take to combat the Coronavirus. Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandes has also announced a lockdown until March 31. Along with all the famous beaches in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, restaurants, and bars have also closed for 15 days.

UN Secretary-General Warns

United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that the Coronavirus may have a catastrophic effect. He said, if we let it spread like a fire in the forests, then millions of people will die.

Coronavirus Death Toll In Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Health said that the number of deaths due to Coronavirus in the country increased to 1,002. During the last 24 hours, 235 people died. While the number of victims has risen to 19,980 with 2833 new cases. The city of Madrid is the most affected by Corona in the country. Seven thousand one hundred sixty-five instances reported in the town itself.

Only Five People Allowed To Marry in Britain

The Church of England has limited the number of people getting married due to Coronavirus. Its website states that only five people, the bridegroom, the bride, two witnesses. And the pastor will be allowed to be present at the wedding in the church.

Curfew Warning in Germany

German health officials warn that curfew can impose if the country’s 83 million citizens do not adopt preventive measures. So far, 13,959 cases have confirmed in Germany.

Coronavirus: State Of The World

The ArmyArmy will deploy to strictly enforce restrictions in Malaysia, confirmation of around 900 cases

In Iran, the number of Coronavirus victims reached close to 20 thousand. One hundred forty-nine more victims died in the last 24 hours.

– Around one lakh 30 thousand citizens of France are trapped abroad, efforts made to bring them

Most Affected Countries With Coronavirus

Italy 3,405 41,035
China 3,248 80,967
Iran 1,433 19,840
Spain 1,002 19,980
France 372 Coronavirus 10,995
America 200 13,880
Britain 144 3,269
South Korea 94 8,652
Netherlands 76 2,460
Germany 44 13,959

Britain has called 65,000 former nurses and doctors back to work to fight the Coronavirus infection. Also, the final year students studying in medical have been invited to the hospital to take over.

Following the influenza pandemic in 1918, the infectious disease Coronavirus has taken the form of an epidemic in 2020 and has spread to countries of the world. England’s Chief Nursing Officer Ruth May said, ‘We can do this work alone, so I will request all the nurses who have recently left a job.

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