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OMG! 16 Year Old Boy Deshant Adhikari Has 70 Cm Long Tail


Deshant Adhikari Long Tail: It is said that monkeys were the ancestors of humans. But you have rarely heard that a person has a tail in today’s era. But something similar has been seen in Nepal. A 15-year-old youth from here is in many discussions these days on social media.

The hair has come out so much on the lower part of this boy that they have started hanging. His family members have now made a braid of these hairs and have given him the form of a boy with a tail. After the young man’s picture surfaced on social media, people started calling him the incarnation of Hanuman Ji.

Deshant Adhikari Long Tail

According to a report published on the website Daily Star, the 16-year-old Longitude Officer looks like the rest of the youth, but you will be surprised when you see his back. Long tail-like hair has grown in the lower part of Deshant’s back, which has become 70 cm long. Seeing Deshant’s tail, not only his villagers are stunned, but the doctors are also thinking. According to the report, Deshant Adhikari had a tail since birth, which came out from the lower part of the spinal cord. Deshant’s parents were diagnosed with a tail five days after his birth.


According to media reports, Deshant had told in a YouTube video that after birth, when he was brought home from the hospital, his parents came to know about the tail in his body. After this, the family members showed Deshant to many doctors, but no one could tell how it was possible.

On the contrary, the doctors were surprised to see his tail. After this, the family members contacted the priests. After seeing Deshant, he told him about the incarnation of Hanuman Ji. Along with this, he was also advised not to cut the tail. Alam is that the hair of the tail has become so long that it has to be braided.

Deshant says that initially, he used to feel very embarrassed to show his tail to people, but now he has no hesitation in doing so. Many videos have been made on social media about longitude.

Abhay Singh
Abhay Singh
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