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Nurse Treating Coronavirus Patients Hugged The Weeping Daughter

Coronavirus is spreading havoc in China. So far more than 800 people have died due to this dangerous virus. An emotional video of the meeting of a nurse and her daughter treating patients of Coronavirus in China is going viral on social media. This nurse is in a hospital in Henan province. It is seen in the video that the nurse has come to meet her daughter. The child is crying, but the nurse, wearing a mask and overcoat, talks to her daughter from a distance. She hugs her daughter in the air.

Nurse Treating Coronavirus

The crying nurse’s daughter asks when she will come home when she says that she is fighting a demon and she will return home when she is defeated. The daughter tells the mother that she knows her a lot. The nurse also tells the daughter that she also misses him a lot. Thousands of people have watched this video so far and people are giving a very emotional response. The nurse is being praised.

Let us tell you that the number of people who died due to coronavirus taking the form of epidemic in China has increased to 811, while more than 37 thousand people have been found infected by it. This figure has crossed the figure of 774 deaths due to SARS in 2002-03. According to the National Health Commission of China, 86 people died in one day due to coronavirus on Saturday. The maximum number of 81 people are involved in Wuhan, while 3,399 new cases have been reported. According to the commission, the condition of more than 6000 patients among the victims remains critical.

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