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Imran Khan Corona Positive News

PM Imran Khan Corona Positive Despite First Dose Of Covid-19 Vaccine

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been found corona positive on Friday, one day after taking the vaccine. He was given the first dose of Cyanoform COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday. After being found corona positive, the PM of Pakistan has self-quarantined at home. The Health Minister gave information about this matter. Significantly, the 68-year-old Pakistani […]
Indian Girl Geeta Meets Mother

Indian Girl Geeta Gets Her Real Mother In Maharashtra In India

Geeta: A social welfare organisation in Pakistan had given shelter to the Deaf Indian girl and sent her back to India in 2015. She...
Made in India Vaccine to Pakistan

Pakistan To Get 16 Million Made in India Covid Vaccines

Imran, who considers India an enemy, is now in surrender in front of PM Modi. The pandemic period told Imran that biggies did not...
African Swine Fever

African Swine Fever Spreads In China After Corona, Millions Of Pigs Die

After The Corona Virus, There Is A Danger Of New Virus Spreading From China Once Again. African Swine Fever Is Re-Emerging In Asia At...
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Tweet Price

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Tweet Is Being Sold in Crores

Twitter CEO And Billionaire Jack Dorsey On Saturday Announced His First Tweet Of March 6, 2006, To Be Sold As Cryptocurrency. The Bid For...
Adidas Longest Shoes Size

Adidas Longest Shoes in The World, People Reacted By Making Memes

New trends are seen in the fashion world. Many things seem strange to look at, yet they get caught in the craze. Recently, the...
China brought bullet train near Arunachal

China To Run Bullet Rrain To India Border By End of July

435 km of China The long bullet train will start running till the border of Arunachal Pradesh by July. China has completed preparations to...
China Defence Budget

China Increases Defence Budget By 6.8% For 2021

China Has Set Its Annual Economic Growth Rate Above 6% For 2021. Premier Li Keqiang Said On Friday That The World's Second-Largest Economy Was...
Eiffel Tower Opens For Public From Today

Eiffel Tower Opens For Public Yet Again Precautions To Be Taken

Governments started the process of lockdown in their countries after seeing the increasing cases of Corona around the world, after which the economy got...
Saudi Arabia Hajj Ministry Latest Updates

Saudi Arabia Hajj Ministry Banned International Islamic Pilgrimage Visitors

The Hajj pilgrimage will take place in Saudi Arabia this year amid a coronavirus epidemic, but the rule has changed. This time only people...