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Indian Soldiers and Chinese Soldiers

20 Indian Soldiers Martyred, 43 Chinese Soldiers Killed In LAC

India has suffered a significant loss in the clash with China. On Monday, 20 Indian soldiers killed in a conflict with China on LAC....
North Korea Liaison Office Destroyed

North Korea Destroy Inter-Korea Liaison Office At 2.49 PM

North Korea completely demolished the Inter-Korean Liaison Office within its border on Tuesday. With this, he has broken off all communication mediums with South...
Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan Imran Khan

Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan Maybe 12 Lakh By The End Of July

Covid-19 cases can reach 1.2 million by the end of July in Pakistan. The country recorded a record of 6,825 infection cases of corona...
Bushra Bibi News

Imran MP Said- Our Prime Minister Walks At The Behest Of Wife Bushra

Female MP Ujma Kardar of PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf), the party of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, became a cause for trouble for her. An...
Sabiha Khanum Death

First Pakistani Cinema Actress Sabiha Khanum Died At The Age of 84

The first Pakistani cinema actress Sabiha Khanum passed away. She was 84 years old. Sabiha's family has confirmed that it is unfortunate, Sabiha Khanam...
Donald Trump News

Donald Trump Backward in Presidential Election Poll

There are doubts about the second term of President Donald Trump in America. Trump's dream of becoming president for the second time could break...
North Korea Leader Kim Jong

The Laws Of North Korea That Make People Across The World Shocked

North Korea remains the subject of discussion due to the conflict with the US, including nuclear tests worldwide. There is a bizarre law in...
Miami Beach in Coronavirus

The Second Wave Of Coronavirus Infection In the US, Experts Claim

The second wave of Coronavirus is rising in America. Its most in-depth signs are visible in 4 states, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and California. Researchers...
Twitter Suspended Chinese Government Fake Accounts

Twitter Suspended Chinese Government Fake Accounts Link To CPC

Twitter has closed nearly one lakh 70 thousand accounts supporting China and the Chinese government. This social media platform gave this information in a...
KP Sharma Oli News

Nepal Stunned Over Yogi Adityanath Statement On Border Dispute

A strike has begun between UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli over the border dispute with Nepal. Oli...