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Indian IT Companies H1 Visas and L1 Visas

Indian IT Companies Do Not Mind Suspending H1 Visas and L1 Visas

US President Donald Trump extended the suspension of H-1B and L1 visas issued to foreigners. It will now be applicable until December 31. Accordingly, until December 31, foreigners will not be issued a green card and H-1B visa. But the people working in this sector believe that this will not affect the Indian IT companies, […]
Kim Yo Jong Age

Kim Sister Yo Jong Un Can Become The World’s First Female Dictator

Kim Jong Un is on her way to becoming the world's first female dictator. She is the younger sister of North Korean ruler Kim...
June 21 2020 End Of Earth Truth

Life On Earth Is Going To End On June 21, 2020, Claimed on Social...

On June 21, the Earth is going to destroy on social media. Once again, listen to all those who have read and heard many...
President Donlad Trump No Lockdown in America

Donald Trump Said – America Can Completely Break Relations With China

Tensions in the US and China are increasing. US President Donald Trump released a statement on Twitter on Thursday night. In recent times, this...
America Deploys Three Warships in Pacific Ocean

America Deploys Three Warships in The Pacific Ocean Against China

The US has deployed three of its warships in the Pacific Ocean. China's official newspaper Global Times has said on this that it threatens...
President Donlad Trump No Lockdown in America

President Trump Said- There Will Not Be A Lockdown Again in America

So far, 4 lakh 51 thousand 387 people have died due to coronavirus in the world. The figure of infected has reached 83 lakh...
Taiwan Times Wrote Ram Killed The Dragon

Taiwan Times Wrote On Photo Of The Day- Ram Killed The Dragon

Taiwan Times Photo Of The Day: The violent clash between soldiers of China and India in the Galvan Valley on Monday night made headlines...
Winnie The Pooh to Taunt Xi Jinping

Indians Are Using Winnie The Pooh to Taunt Xi Jinping Amid The Violence

Winnie The Pooh: The escalation on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and the Chinese Army (PLA) escalated into violent clashes. In...
Indian Soldiers and Chinese Soldiers

20 Indian Soldiers Martyred, 43 Chinese Soldiers Killed In LAC

India has suffered a significant loss in the clash with China. On Monday, 20 Indian soldiers killed in a conflict with China on LAC....
North Korea Liaison Office Destroyed

North Korea Destroy Inter-Korea Liaison Office At 2.49 PM

North Korea completely demolished the Inter-Korean Liaison Office within its border on Tuesday. With this, he has broken off all communication mediums with South...