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Coronavirus Blood Group

American Study Blood Group ‘O’ Less Likely To Contract Coronavirus

No person is safe from the coronavirus. This virus is catching people of all ages. From a newborn to a perfectly healthy person, everyone...
Eiffel Tower Tickets

Eiffel Tower Will Re-Open To The Public From June 25

The economy has collapsed due to coronavirus worldwide. Given this crisis, many countries are now in lockdown amidst increasing cases of the corona. France...
Sundar Pichai Success Story

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Success Story Of His Journey

Today the success story of Google CEO Sundar Pichai. It was not easy for Sundar Pichai to reach this high level of success. There...
Coronavirus in Goa Special Task Force

These 25 Countries Of The World Became Coronavirus Free

Even though Corona has caused havoc in the world, it is now on the verge of ending slowly. New Zealand has lifted all restrictions...
US President Donald Trump held a press conference in Delhi

Trump – China Does Not Want Me To Become President Again

Amidst the worldwide corona crisis, the struggle between America and China continues. US President Donald Trump on Thursday alleged that China does not want...
Coronavirus Vaccine America News

Coronavirus Vaccine May Come By June-July? America Has Great Hope

Almost every country in the world is troubled by the Coronavirus at this time. The world is currently expecting the vaccine itself. Experiments do...
Countries Infected With Coronavirus

List Of Countries Infected With Coronavirus In The World

Corona (COVID-19) in China is not taking the name of havoc. So far, 3,251,587 people have been infected in China by Corona, while the...
Kim Pyong Il Leader Of North Korea

Kim Pyong Il Considered As The Next Leader After Kim Jong Un

There are many rumors about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. It said that he had a heart operation, after which his health has...
Kim Yo Jong North Korea Leader

Will Kim Yo Jong Become The First Woman Leader Of North Korea ?

There are also speculations about Kim's successor in North Korea amid speculation about North Korea's Marshal Kim Jong Un poor condition. There is speculation...
Asteroid 1998 OR2 News

Asteroid 1998 OR2 Safely Passed Away From Earth Without Any Damage

The Asteroid 1998 OR2 passes very close to the Earth without any sound. The meteorite passed at 3.26 pm on Wednesday, and it did...