Pakistan To Get 16 Million Made in India Covid Vaccines

Made in India Vaccine to Pakistan

Imran, who considers India an enemy, is now in surrender in front of PM Modi. The pandemic period told Imran that biggies did not work. Work has to be done after sitting in a chair. Seeing Pakistan’s plight during the transition period, PM Modi did not take any time to help. Pak will get four and a half crore corona vaccine from the Modi government. Covishield of Serum Institute will be found. Pakistan will be given this help under the Gavi agreement.

Pakistan To Get Made in India Covid Vaccines

On this, defence expert Dr Shailendra Singh said that India has always believed in Manawatu. Even before this, India has helped Pakistan many times. How long will it take for Pakistan to speak? Thank you. But Pakistan is valuing humanity and humans.

Simultaneously, Rameshwar Sharma, we kill the enemy in war, do not kill them treacherously, Pakistanis are unfaithful, but Pakistan is not worth talking about. Still, it is an obligation to help the citizens, so India’s Government stays with everyone in happiness and suffering.

Let the neighbouring country be Nepal or Myanmar. The distant land is Brazil or South Africa. Prime Minister Modi’s sting is being heard all over the world on vaccine diplomacy. Now India’s neighbouring Pakistan will also get better health from Indian vaccines. Let us tell you that Pakistan was giving vaccine from China till now, which gave the corona epidemic to the world.

But we are all familiar with the guarantee of Chinese goods. China is doing the same deception in vaccines. This pain of Pakistan spilt on the biggest stage in the world. On 6 March, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the UN, Munir Akram, speaking at the International Crime Congress, said that stern action needs to be taken against those making fake vaccines and other artificial medical devices in the Corona era.

Let us tell you that the fake vaccine business is flourishing in China. So far, 70 to 80 thousand people have been arrested. That means Pakistan, its guru, China, kept on doing fake dosas. Even after this, Imran’s eyes did not open.